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Arjun Dev Arora
Founder @ Valence Advisory, XIR @expa, ex-Partner @500startups Founder @retargeter Advisor @nike Passionate about leadership, growth, fundraising & philosophy.
Acquired in 2017
Acquired by Sellpoints in 2015
Acquired in 2020
Acquired in 2019
Acquired by Pon Holdings in 2017
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Pankaj Jain
COO at @workomo. Past: @500startups @tventuresindia Long-Term Capital Management GlobeOp Financial Services • Studied at @stern-school-of-business
Sheel Mohnot
GP @BetterTomorrowVentures, leading seed deals in fintech. Past includes @500fintech @feefighters @kiva @bcg @carnegie-mellon-university @university-of-michigan
Lisa Rich
Founder@Xplore Founder@Hemisphere Ventures Founder@BrainyQuote, Strategist, Speaker, Frontier Tech investor in synthetic biology, robotics, drones and space.
Stephane Boivin
Serial Entrepreneur & Serial Investor
Jeroen Bertrams
I help companies grow faster. Author of 9 books on online strategy. Founded & sold 2 companies. 1st tech blogger in The Netherlands. Investor in >200 companies
Dinesh Kumar Arora
Owner of InfoTechnik Consulting Group, Developed first commercial PDM/PLM software. Graduate of IIT Delhi, India and Technical University Darmstadt, Germany.
Aditya Nagarsheth
Based in London, my erstwhile experience has been in law and raising capital for venture capital funds. I currently am retained by an Indian family office.
Matt Slater
Former Founding Partner @synapsecapital Advisor @sendwyre, Co-Founder @hedgy (Acq), @campus-ink-apparel (Acq), Tech investor. MFin. Studied @usc, Law @loyola
Arjun is an incredible leader who also understands what a business really is. He understands the importance of having a firm vision, yet he enables his team to be flexible details. This lets the team thrive to their full potential.

Two of his personal values are being hard working and focusing...more
Samir Soriano
Co-worker at a company Arjun Dev Arora worked for
Arjun is one of the most hard-working, thoughtful and values-driven entrepreneurs I've met. I've been impressed with how he and his team are brining a new level of service and dedication to digital marketing, and their success speaks for itself.
Arjun is one of the most thoughtful and supportive investors (people!) I know. Couple that with his industry knowledge and connections, and for the right startup, a relationship with Arjun is pure gold.
Working with Arjun is awesome - when we first met, he asked great questions, made a quick decision and has been incredibly easy to work with!
Arjun has been a great friend and partner as we've launched Ongig over the last two years. Ongig considers ReTargeter a valued partner, not just a customer. Arjun has been a big reason for that. He opened the door for us to work with his team, and has helped promote us to other prospective...more
One of a handful of people I trust, Arjun has been invaluable as investor and advisor to my company. He was actually our very first investor and has been incredibly helpful with his advice, resources, connections, and overall sounding board. His grasp on how to lead a team and build a culture has...more
Arjun is one of the most dynamic and inspirational leaders I have ever worked with. At ReTargeter I closely worked with Arjun for almost two years and learned a great deal from him about business operations, the ad:tech industry, leadership and management skills. He is a unique leader because he...more
Arjun is one of the most knowledgeable people in the Ad Tech space that I know; this is proven by his illustrious career speaking on cutting-edge topics, and through my personally witnessing countless requests for his advice from leading industry professionals. He's passionate, likeable,...more
Arjun is an incredibly thoughtful, intelligent and inspiring person. He is a true leader and and a trust worthy confidant. He leads from the heart, and is informed by his vast industry knowledge on a variety levels. Working with Arjun I was repeatedly impressed by his strategic mind, as well as...more
Arjun is extremely well-connected, and does not hesitate to go out on a limb for you when he believes in what you are doing. He's good at challenging my assumptions and helping us steer away from trouble. Authentic and intelligent.
Rafael 'Tico' Ballagas
For Arjun Dev Arora's work with Kindoma
Arjun's one of the most talented and well connected entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Period.
Sanjay Goel
For Arjun Dev Arora's work with Oximity (acquired by Scribd)
Arjun has been pivotal in helping us build out key relationships and navigate growth & marketing.
KJ Dhaliwal
For Arjun Dev Arora's work with Dil Mil
Knowledge and wisdom in the financing community
Dave Carlson
For Arjun Dev Arora's work with
Arjun is one of the most trustworthy advisors in the industry who not only knows his areas of expertise but is very well connected with people from a wide range of industries and is able to offer founders well-informed advice.
He's down to earth, strategic and a hustler. Everything you'd need on your team
Eric W. Dolan
For Arjun Dev Arora's work with Neutun Labs