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Arena Ventures leads early stage investments in the world's best founders. Our process is focused on people first: understanding the founding team and digging into their history, skills, character, motivations and passion. We work with brilliant, hard-working and uniquely competitive founders who pursue massive visions backed up by thoughtful and bold action. We selectively back founders whose ideas are unique and timely; ideas that leverage the future shifts in culture, society, markets and technology. We also focus on revenue (yup!) - we focus on companies that produce a product or service that a consumer or business will pay for even in the earliest days. We also focus on leadership, brand building and community: the founders we back must have a unique ability to communicate, understand and inspire their customers, employees, partners and the broader world of stakeholders around them.



Jeff Lo
Paige Craig
VP Business at Bird. Former VC & angel (Angellist, WIsh, Lyft, Twitter, Postmates). Drove into Iraq alone in 2003 to start first company. US Marine Corps
Francis Shih
Seed Fund
LA based seed-stage VC @Arena Ventures Formerly: @Bear Stearns @Merrill Lynch & Co.
TJ Hennessy
Investor @Arena Ventures. USC Alum. Previously founded Deuces Wild and worked at FastPay & BetterWorks.
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Robb Kunz
Founder/CEO @BoomStartup. Active Angel Invested in 100+ Startups. Mentor & LP in @500 Startups and @Techstars. Founder Ventureblue Capital. Invests in NewSpace
Josh Hannah
General Partner at @Matrix Partners; Founder & Director at; Entrepreneur and Investor. Gambler, guy who knows how to do a lot of things.
Chris Yeh
Investor, NYTimes Bestselling Author, Mentor, Entrepreneur. Stanford BS/BA, Harvard Business School MBA.
Jason Calacanis
Investor in 150 startups, including & Thumbtack (first rounds).
Scott and Cyan Banister
Seed investors; Founder @IronPort @Topsy; Board Member @PayPal @Postmates
Maneesh Arora
CEO & Co-founder @MightyText. Product @Lyft, @Zynga, @Google (PM on Consumer, Ads; Founders Award). b4:Enterprise software. CS degree @Ucla #PRODUCTBUILDER
Jeremy Levine
Founder/CEO @DRAFT. Investor in 40+ startups.
Roy Rodenstein
Investor Crashlytics (acq. Twitter), Rapportive (acq. LinkedIn). CEO TrueLens, co-founder (acq. AOL), co-founder Hacker Angels. MIT Media Lab '00.
I first recruited TJ out of college in 2010. He's run sales, bizdev and helped me evaluate startups and opportunities for years. He has an incredibly high work ethic, constantly learning and challenging me. He loves meeting founders; he loves helping them and he is passionate and brilliant....more
Paige Craig
For TJ Hennessy's work at Arena Ventures
Frank and I met in 2014 as he's been close buddies and worked with my partner Jeff Lo since high school in Hong Kong. Frank is incredibly bright, analytical and thoughtful and curious about the world. Frank is intensely curious about businesses and new ideas and has been invaluable helping me...more
Paige is one of the best dudes I know, and absolutely at the top of my list of investors.
Jameson Detweiler
Founder of a company Paige Craig invested in
Incredible dynamo. Paige will leave a major ding in the universe. He's an amazing friend to entrepreneurs and a key part of the LA tech ecosystem.
Tom McInerney
Investor in a company Paige Craig founded
Paige is the man. Great guy to work for and incredible leadership skills. He surrounds himself with the brightest people, hands down.
Paige has many strengths but two that stand out to me are his leadership and loyalty. I've seen him build lasting, influential, relationships with an entire spectrum of personality types and effectively lead them to reach their potential. Personally, he's been a loyal friend and colleague...more
Paige is one of the smartest and most helpful people you can ever have on your team. If you have any opportunity to get him involved with your venture, I HIGHLY recommend it.
Paige is a natural leader, connector and business machine. He's someone you can always count on and is always there to lend more than a helping hand. He's able to hone in on a business opportunity/idea/company in minutes and able to offer perspective and insight that you might not have...more
Paige is a badass investor who will go out of his way to help. He's super smart and knows how to hustle to get stuff done.
Absolutely. Paige is one of the smartest, most dedicated entrepreneurs I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His passion is contagious. He can simplify the most complex challenges into a clear mission with measurable goals. Start-ups are won in the trenches, relentlessly executing day...more
Paige is a strong leader and I highly recommend that anyone with the opportunity to work with him, does it without hesitation. Regardless of the opportunity, Paige's ability to evaluate investments speaks for itself, with a track record of success and always looking to push the button on...more
Paige is the kind of person you want in your corner, and invested in your company. He'll do whatever he can to help you succeed, and it's personal for him. He wants you as an entrepreneur to succeed. Paige takes chances and encourages you to do so as well. I'd highly recommend anyone...more
Paige backs the CEO, not the model, team, or much of anyone else. It's responsibility and an opportunity. I love it. Get him to back you if you can.
Ben Katz
For Paige Craig's investment at CARD.COM
Paige is one of the most versatile CEOs I have met in my life. Very energetic, knows what he is talking about and get things done. Paige is a no-nonsense leader and a pleasure to work with.
Paige is an incredible angel/early investor you WANT to have in your company. He is extremely passionate about product, consumer and founder-product fit. He will be your biggest, most vocal ambassador, all-weather advisor and a good friend - and that's more valuable than any money you will...more
Jeff and I started off as friends and have been co-investing in angel deals for years. We have an incredibly tight relationship, common values and complimentary skills. He's a loyal, brilliant and thoughtful friend who cares about helping people change the world. We challenge each other; we...more
Paige Craig
For Jeff Lo's work at Arena Ventures
Jeff invested in my company years ago, and we've been fast friends. He has a brilliant mind, able to assess and understand people at the micro level, and able the build deep relationships with a wide variety of people. He has the capabilities to help your company on the following levels: deep...more
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