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What We're Building

Slack has a growing popularity among students, but it is designed for established teams at work. Area.Chat has a particular focus on university students, and seek to facilitate the continuous chatter among students.

Well established as a chat client at top 100 university campuses, we will direct our focus towards Area.Guide - a complementary service that will help guide students around campus.

Once successfully established as a Messenger app among NTNU students with automatically generated groups for the various organizations students are part of, we seek to add popular features from our competitors WhatsApp, SnapChat, Instagram, Messenger, Jodel, WeChat, Slack, Facebook Groups, IRC, Yammer, etc.

Our particular focus on a huge and diverse campus like NTNU will allow us to build the best possible experience for students with a co-creation model, which scales to other universities, replicating the growth success of Facebook and WhatsApp.

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Area.Chat Team

Lars Føleide
@NTNU Master's Degree: Informatics 18th year in Higher Education!
Boris Polania
Software Engineer, Economics 12 yrs Experience
Rui Yang
Engineer working style --- Find problems, Solve problems