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Connected Solutions for a Connected World

We're making hardware lean for the industrial internet of things. Read More
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What We're Building

Arch is building a modular hardware platform that lets anyone design custom connected devices and take them to production without needing electrical engineering or manufacturing experience. Our technology empowers software developers to create physical apps that are revolutionizing critical sectors like manufacturing, energy, water, and food. We're looking for the best hardware, software, design, and business leaders to help us democratize the means of production for the IOT age. The web did this for software, Arch is doing it for hardware. Join us.

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Arch Systems Team

Tim Burke
CTO & Cofounder of Arch. PhD in Materials Science from Stanford. Deep experience in connected devices, solar energy and rural infrastructure.
Andrew Scheuermann
Cofounder and CEO @Arch Systems , early team, IIR @StartX, founded @StartX - Mentor Labs, StartX Hardware, PhD Materials Science @Stanford
David Karchmer
In charge of Engineering @ Arch. Before Arch, founder / CTO at AmperVue, Inc. More than 20 years’ experience driving all phases of software development.
Christopher Ling
Hardware Engineer at Arch Systems. MS in Electrical Engineering at Stanford.
Vanielle Lee
Front-end/UI engineer with experiences developing user-friendly and Big Data applications from conceptualization to commercialization.

Arch Systems Investors

Jeff Clavier
Managing Partner at Uncork Capital (formerly SoftTech VC , one of the first micro-vcs, before it was cool ;). Invested in 200+ cos in 13 years. And loving it.
Steven Lurie
Founder, Team Builder Ventures (early-stage VC fund helping founders build world-class teams). Before: @Zynga, head of mobile, International & teams in India
Tirto Adji
Technologist, Founder, Investor.

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