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Online dispute resolution platform.

Interested in increasing access to justice? Working closely with the management team of a fast-growing early-stage company? Learning about the landscape surrounding small disputes across the country and around the world? And occasional conference room ping-pong? ArbiClaims is the place for you!

What We're Building

We're an online dispute resolution platform with our HQ in Downtown LA. We use private binding arbitration to issue court enforceable decisions for individuals and businesses who find themselves in the middle of a dispute. We’re currently focused on small claim disputes, but plan to expand to other types of claims in the future.

Small claims court may take 90 days, requires learning an old-school system, and demands a lot of time for making a claim, serving a defendant, and showing up in court. It's a huge hassle. ArbiClaims’ process takes less than a month, requires no learning curve, and is done entirely online and over the phone with real lawyers. And because both parties agree to be bound by our decision, our decision is enforceable in court.

Small claims is a surprisingly large market with 2.5-3 million small claim court filings per year in the United States.

Open Positions


John Boese
CTO @ArbiClaims • Founder @GoFindFriends • Director @Ogilvy and @American Express • MBA @Duke University • Wrote song featured on @MTV
Matt Moretti
Operations and Product Management @ArbiClaims, Berkeley Law 2015, USC Economics 2012. Problem-solving and trains on time.

Our Investors

Mark H Goldstein
Fdr, Bad Ass Advisors Mgr Ptr, Chair Camio HireAthena Fdr ImpulseBuy(Inktomi), BlueLight(Sears) LoyaltyLab(TIBCO) Reality(Reuters)
Mark Goines
Served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Consumer Division of @Intuit including Quicken,, Quicken Insurance and Quicken Mortgage.
Kfir Gavrieli
Co-founder, CEO at Tieks

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