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Fast growing Reg-Tech company based in London and New York

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Job Description

Arachnys is a pioneer in fighting financial crime worldwide by placing detailed information at the finger tips of users from big businesses to investigative journalists. We use a world class user experience coupled with advanced search and data to help users find the “needle in the haystack” that makes the difference.
We're currently looking for a Frontend Developer to join our team; you’ll help us deliver a top notch user experience with slick apps that help uncover important information whilst saving them time and effort.

Why Us?

What's different about us?
- No rockstar coders or brilliant jerks – just great people solving hard problems for real customers.
- Anyone can get involved with any part of our system – front-end developers can write Hadoop jobs if they fancy.
- We're proud of our product - we are uncompromising with quality, while not being scared of pushing back on customer demands. (A top bank recently told us that we were the first supplier that had asked them, "Why?", about their requirements.)
- No check list of skills to apply – we like to hire smart people who enjoy what they're doing and fit in with the company

What hard problems are we solving?
- Big data: we have a huge news cluster that we do millions of searches a day against.
- We aim to link data from many different sources to find to help users to find great insights.
- UX: We're building a single platform for very different customers with very different demands and use-cases. Transforming it into a coherent and useful product.
- As we're growing quickly and selling into big organisations we have to scale up, both our systems and infrastructure but also ourselves.

What's great about our culture?
- We work hard but it's never "Crunch-Time" for us. No sleeping under desks or 14-hour days.
- Amazing communication between roles in the company. Developers chat to sales/marketing/AMs all the time, asking for feedback and input both ways.
- We use the best technology to solve problems, whether it's something new or something established.
- Testing comes first; we practice TDD and have a great QA team.
- Training, collaborative improvement and mutual learning.

Arachnys is a workflow automation platform to analyse and present financial crime. Our enterprise-grade platform enables banks and multinational organisations to onboard customers, distributors and partners faster and to handle risks more efficiently. We streamline existing search and reporting processes to accelerate them by 2x or more. Arachnys’ customers include global top-10 banks, big 4 advisory firms and large multinationals.

- We never run out of coffee/snacks/craft-beer
- Weekly training sessions where one of the team presents a new technology or we watch and discuss a talk from experts
- We've got great infrastructure for working from home (easy to drop-in hangouts, a lot of communication over chat and GitHub)
- Great collaborative environment. Everyone wants to improve and get better at coding

Deadline: 25th March 2018

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What We're Building

Arachnys is a technology company specialising in intelligent risk and compliance. What makes us different is that we offer unparalleled control of truly global data. We are the only way to make sure your team see exactly the data they need, retrieved and translated in real-time from the widest collection available worldwide, to empower your decision making in the most efficient and auditable way possible.

The Arachnys platform is used by several of the world’s largest investment banks, consulting & law firms as well as corporates.

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