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What We're Building

Your product is your best sales tool - we help unlock its potential.

Aptrinsic provides a personalized product experience platform to help companies acquire, retain, and grow customers by creating real-time, personalized engagements driven by product usage data. With Aptrinsic, companies can effectively implement a product-led go-to-market strategy to increase product adoption and customer lifetime value. We provide product managers and product marketers with tools to make informed decisions on what to build next, collect relevant feedback from the right customers, and guide prospects and customers to “aha!” moments.

We're all pretty excited about what we're building here at Aptrinsic. After 7 years at Marketo, we learned a lot about what works and what doesn't with go-to-market strategies. We believe our solution and technologies will change the world and usher in a new paradigm for software (SaaS) companies.
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Jobs at Aptrinsic

Aptrinsic Team

Nick Bonfiglio
CEO and Founder of @Aptrinsic and former EVP of Global Product for @Marketo.
Mickey Alon
Passionate about real time analytics and machine learning driven products. CEO and co-founder of Insightera a web personalization platform sold to Marketo Inc.
David Lassen
Technical sales person in the product and engagement spaces. Currently @Aptrinsic previously @Woopra, @Marketo (which acquired @Insightera ) and @Demandbase
Shaul Zorea
Senior Software Engineer at Aptrinsic
Marissa Bonfiglio
Marketing Associate at Aptrinsic

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