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Seattle · Full Time
It's great time to join AppSheet. Since launching the platform in late 2014, over 120,000 apps have been launched by more than 90,000 app creators. We closed a funding round with VC firm NEA in late summer 2015 and are looking for great candidates to help us take AppSheet to the next stage. The company currently has 11 employees. You would come in at an early stage with the opportunity to enjoy the growth of a startup and shape its future. Read More
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Job Description

Come help us drive AppSheet's growth!

We are looking for a savvy marketing manager to work with the VP of Product and implement programs that move potential customers through a marketing/sales funnel. The core goal of this role is to generate leads for self-service or corporate customers that then get developed by the sales team.

Some of the programs you will be leading are:

- Email nurturing programs
- Drive lead generation
- Coordinate and upgrade sales enablement materials
- Webinars

You need to balance both strategic and execution skills for this role. We want you to understand the strategy and turn it into successful growth engines. We'd love it if you are already familiar with AppSheet and have a broad understanding of the app world that goes beyond app-stores and consumer apps. Hint: Tell us what you think about how mobile apps are shaping the future of work and we're all ears!

AppSheet is the App Maker for Everyone. If you are a great marketer who is passionate about technology and how it enables people to do great things. Then we want to talk to you.

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What We're Building

There are more than a billion people living in a mobile-first digital world, where personal and professional productivity is governed by the ability to access data via mobile apps. At AppSheet, we have set out to democratize mobile app development, simplifying this traditionally cumbersome process and giving everyone the ability to build their own mobile apps.

AppSheet is a self-serve platform for anyone to create and deploy mobile business apps. It is simple, quick, and easy. No coding is involved -- instead apps are created automatically and instantly from spreadsheet data on GoogleDrive and other cloud file systems. Users can create, brand, and distributed apps in minutes to their colleagues, employees, or customers. And of course, AppSheet is very affordable. No fixed costs, with the choice of a free plan or per-user subscription plans.

Our focus is on business productivity apps. Our customers are business professionals in teams and organizations of all sizes.

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AppSheet Investors

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