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Game Development; Mobile/Web Apps; UI/UX

We are a fast growing, mobile entertainment studio with international scope. We create our games as a team, and you will have total creative freedom over your strategy and execution based on your objectives and key results, while also benefitting from your team’s feedback.
We are now looking to expand our portfolio with higher production values and longer development cycles. Our intention is to become an iconic game studio of the mobile era and beyond. We will continue to develop casual titles, [and] some of our existing team and new hires will be focusing on midcore titles to diversify our portfolio.

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What We're Building

We are an independent design & development studio located in New Delhi, India.

With expertise in mobile app & game development, we do all that it takes to build complete solutions for Mobile, Web and AR/VR platforms, which covers UI & UX design, game/app development & server side development. In practice, it also includes a lot of user research, learnings from our experiences & a highly skilled team.

Since our inception in 2015, we have carved a niche in the mobile game & application industry by our highly creative and expert approach to design, artwork and development.

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Jobs at AppRoarr Studios

AppRoarr Studios Team

Jaskaran Singh
Founder at AppRoarr Studios; Product UI/UX Designer

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