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Associate Principal at Applico

New York · Full Time
We help traditional enterprises embrace a platform business model to compete against the likes of Amazon, Google and other modern monopolies. Read More
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Job Description

Applico is the world's first Platform Innovation company. In this role, you will help launch & scale cutting-edge platforms for both new companies & successful startups, as well as Fortune 100 companies looking to embrace business model innovation.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from the people who wrote the book on platforms & apply your knowledge to solve problems for our clients. You will leverage your platform experience to help clients structure their platform business in order to scale into a modern monopoly that dominates existing markets & creates entirely new ones.

The Role:
Lead, organize, and position Platform (Business Model) Design, Product Design, Engineering, and other operational teams to present Applico’s optimal work product to our clients
Maintain direct, day-to-day, cross-functional, senior-level Client contacts Package stories, insights, and business frameworks to mentor Applico team members
Contribute to internal and external team meetings, and report on goals and accomplishments
Assure all required deliverables are presented to Clients to achieve their platform business objectives


4+ years of related industry experience in business development, strategy, corporate innovation, or entrepreneurial roles
Demonstrated passion for technology and its use in driving business model disruption across a variety of industries
Current and thorough understanding of consumer internet, enterprise, mobile, and connected technologies
Graceful and invigorated personal affect, making our work look effortless, approachable, and fun
Proven consultative solution skills, including the ability to articulate a clear, concise return on investment value statement
Ability to work well in a flexible, dynamic work environment including travel to client sites and events
Graduate degree in a related business or technology field from a leading institution preferred
Full compensation is based upon salary and commissions.

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What We're Building

Applico empowers the community of industry leaders at large, traditional enterprises to fight back against big tech monopolies and win. By working alongside C-suites and Boards as operating partners, Applico helps incumbents build or buy their own platform business to beat big tech at its own game.

We provide advisory services to build, execute and scale platform businesses to strengthen traditional companies’ core business. We work with C-suites at Fortune 100 firms as well as multibillion-dollar private companies who want to take the initiative to create a platform business. Our staff is comprised of platform entrepreneurs, operators, bankers and designers.

Founded in 2009 by Alex Moazed, Applico has worked with large enterprises for more than 8 years. With the release of Modern Monopolies in 2016, Alex Moazed and Nicholas Johnson coined a new industry focused on platform businesses.

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Aaron Wiener
Successful founder of 3 startups with two of them being acquired, and a third that is currently in a high growth stage ($40 million raised to date).
Nick Johnson
Head of Platform at @Applico. Author of Amazon-bestselling book on platform businesses, Modern Monpolies. (Macmillan 2016). Also first guy to catch all Pokemon.
Drew Moffitt
Entrepreneur (3x, 1exit, 1rev-generating), Founder @TailBus Formerly: Cofounder & Advisor @NeedGrowth Director @Applico & Business Podcast Co-Host
Samuel Hong
Platform Innovation
Vaiyshnav Gunapati
Working with multi-billion dollar enterprises @Applico to build disruptive business models.
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