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Appcues grew revenue 250% in 2016 and has already surpassed 250%+ growth in 2017. Our stellar and adaptive sales team focuses on a small percentage of highly engaged free trial leads. We are looking for an experienced software Account Executive to turn 60 leads per month into 10-15 new customers.

This is an opportunity to accelerate growth on a winning team moving from Seed Stage to Series A. Today, all of our reps hit quota. You would have a real opportunity to close business, grow personally through our team ranks as we continue to expand, and leave a lasting mark on our strategy.

You will be working with product teams actively trialing our solution and will be responsible for prospecting, qualifying, closing, and supporting leads during their evaluation.


You’re probably a good fit if…

You’re ready to make an impact on Day 1

You've carried a sales number and exceed goals for over 1 year post ramp

You’re comfortable being uncomfortable and ardent about figuring things out.

While you don’t need any coding experience, you are technically astute and would be excited to gain a deeper understanding of how software works.

You have experience on a technology sales team.

More than anything else, you are empathetic and have a genuine desire to help other people.

You would be excited about building relationships and learning about the inner workings of top SaaS businesses


- Prospect a high volume of inbound leads

- Understand trialers business objectives and assist in helping them evaluate and try Appcues during a trial period

- Support and close 10-25 new clients per month

- Be an awesome teammate

A bit about Appcues the company:

- We're a small team (under twenty) of friendly people who like to work together. ]

- We strive to be transparent and inclusive at all levels of the business. This means there are many opportunities to make an outsized impact.

- We offer medical and dental insurance benefits, equity and quarterly equity bonuses, conference and education reimbursement, an equipment stipend, and an unlimited vacation policy.

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What We're Building

At Appcues, our mission is to help teams build products their users love.

With Appcues, you can create in-product experiences (user onboarding, feature announcements, etc.) without writing any code. We believe it's the non-technical people who oftentimes have the best information about a user's needs and desires. And we give them the tools to act on it and improve user engagement. All the while, we allow engineers to focus on building the core functionality of the application for the long haul.

We are based in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston, MA and are actively seeking talented and passionate people to join our team.

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