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The Apparel Network

Jobs at The Apparel Network

digital concierge to fashion brands

The Apparel Network is building software to automate the Apparel and Textiles supply chain. Using a combination of chat UI (TANNER), and a transaction log (TANSACTION), we match client RFQs to the right manufacturing partner globally, manage the order, inspect quality and bring the goods using one of our trusted trading partners, and build robust, elastic, sustainable supply chains globally. Read More
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What We're Building

The Apparel Network (TAN) is the easiest way to manufacture private label apparel.

TANNER, the Apparel concierge helps you from enquiry to delivery in an easy, conversational interface that is personalized to your needs.

With TANNER at the helm, you no longer need to follow up a vendor, chase a quote, request status updates or coerce a vendor into approvals.

TANNER checks your product requests and then guides you to our network of vetted partners and vendors called "TANNET" that ensure that the goods are produced, quality-checked, imported and delivered on time.

TANNER sits on a powerful "TANSACTION" platform that creates an audit trail of all milestones, quotes, dates, events, samples, and comments in a single place that makes it easy to monitor and chase your orders. The milestones and events are tied into payment systems that auto-deduct funds for non-performance, late performance and for unresponsiveness

Jobs at The Apparel Network

The Apparel Network Team

Pranay Srinivasan
Founder, *Coming Soon*
Dexter Krishnan
Head of Product/Technology
Susan S. Ley
Software Engineer, Getty Museum | Five years experience in JavaScript and JS frameworks including Angular, Vue, and React. Fullstack with Python/Django.
Hasen Ahmad
Fullstack generalist, experience with Node, React, Redux, Python and microservice architecture
Valerie Grimaldi
Working as an Operations Manager/ Independent Consultant. Experience with Operations, Apparel, Accounting, Billing. Bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising.
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The Apparel Network Investors

Junior Kim
Entrepreneur. Advisor. Angel Investor.
Joanne Wilson
Businesswoman. New Yorker. Active angel investor. Co-Founder Women's Entrepreneur Festival
Greg Schroy
Co-founder of nTopology Inc. Manager of Locke Mountain Ventures and an Avid skier
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