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Innovative and Painless Big Data Solutions

Aponia is growing, and we are looking for future leaders that will help us build a great company, as well as great careers for themselves. Read More
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What We're Building

Our Vision is to make Big Data easy to use, productive in tangible ways, and enabling of future possibilities. Aponia Data deliver state of the art big data solutions to global enterprise that provide real value. 

Aponia Data has built a strong IBM partnership with the Information Management product engagement. We are a certified expert Software Value Plus solution provider with exceptional experience and consulting capabilities providing high quality service by leveraging accelerators and best practices that have been developed and refined through hundreds of projects.

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Jason Juliano
Tech, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist. Wannabe Chef and Explorer. A leader with over 20 years experience in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance. CISSP
Jason Wisdom
Technology executive, almost 20 years experience in custom solutions. Avid world traveler and former professional musician.
Gabriel Prado
Passionate entrepreneur and marketing person with worldwide background.

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