Jobs at Apideck

Stripe for building SaaS integrations

At Apideck, every day is a way to help platforms optimise their integration strategy. Every day we get up, invent, adapt, improvise, find new ways to collaborate, and do the unexpected. We’re creators, makers and doers. It’s an obsession. Read More

What We're Building

Apideck enables SaaS companies to build a platform strategy & simplifies integrating with other cloud services.

Jobs at Apideck

Apideck Team

De Wilde Gertjan
CEO & Co-founder @Apideck & @BeatSwitch. Passionate about building SAAS products, APIs & Serverless.
Michiel De Wilde
Worked at open Summer of code during the summer for two years. My role was developing a web application and managing a team consisting students.

Apideck Investors

Willem Delbare
Ghent university CS, launched and scaled a Saas startup in Europe. Full stack engineer, expert knowledge on cloud, performance, security.