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Pay-per-second videoconsultations widget & platform – facilitating know-how exchange.

AnyMind ( is an online pay-per-second videoconsultations tool that works on any device and any website as a widget. Additionally, we're creating a platform empowered by semantic, ML-based search that will allow finding just the right consultation every time. Read More

What We're Building

Who we are

We're a team with a vision - we want to give people the freedom to share knowledge on their own terms.
Our product, AnyMind, is a knowledge sharing marketplace that bridges the gap between solution-seekers and solution-providers.

Why AnyMind?

Looking up solutions on one's own costs time. And time is money. AnyMind reduces this cost by connecting people who seek solutions with those who provide them. It gives people direct access to trusted experts via video, voice, and text, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Join us!

When in 1997 Google revolutionized looking up information, it changed the world.
Now we're rolling out a tool that will revolutionize looking up know-how.
You can be a vital part of that change.
Join us.
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Jobs at AnyMind

AnyMind Team

Ewa Sarnowska
I have experience working in a startup company (Client Success Manager at Railsware) as well as in a corporate environment as Account Manager/PDS at VMware.
Claudio Timpano
My goal is to find new ways to grow, promote & scale a company. I work by running experiments. I have experience in leading teams in different markets.
Mateusz Lugowski
10 years experience in graphic design
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