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AngelList is a platform for startups to meet investors, talent, incubators and service providers.

Accredited investors can invest in syndicates alongside some of the best angel investors in the world. In 2016, AngelList facilitated more than $190M of investment in over 460 startups.

- Meet lead investors: https://angel.co/syndicates

- Find great startups to invest in: https://angel.co/invest

- Invest in an early-stage index fund: https://angel.co/funds

In 2015, we made over 548K introductions between job-seekers and companies. Over 16K companies are actively hiring from a pool of over 250K active candidates.

- Find a job: https://angel.co/jobs

- Post a job: https://angel.co/recruiting

- Get access to premium talent: https://alist.co

Our mission is to serve startups, by eliminating the frictions along their way, in the most meaningful way possible.

- Apply to incubators: https://angel.co/incubators/apply

- Find service providers: https://angel.co/services

The work culture for engineers is phenomenal. No fixed hours. Remote work OK (seriously, I spent 4 weeks in Berlin and London last summer). Basically, all of the barriers to productivity have been stripped away.
Almost the entire team at Cavallo Point, Sausalito for our mid-year offsite
AngelList is an amazing place to work! Amazing product with very real scale and a very real mission -- plus the most talented team I've ever worked with!
If you're into professional gaming, AngelList is definitely a stepping stone.
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