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At AngelList, we believe startups will save the world. Join us and you'll help design the platform for startups to raise money ( ($500M raised so far), build teams ( and, and launch their products (

We're creating a unique design culture where designers and engineers define and ship products together. Teams are small and built on mutual respect, high trust, and low management. There are no product managers, so designers and engineers take direct product ownership.

This all means that you need to be a self-starter, and have a founder mentality, to thrive here.

You should be someone who can combine design thinking with execution, to produce industry-leading work and inspire excellence. You should see yourself as a generalist, with strengths and weaknesses across the user experience design spectrum. You should know how to work with metrics.

It's not a fit for everyone, but it is one of the most rewarding places to work.

Your responsibilities will include:
• Identifying and defining new product opportunities
• Talking to users to identify their core problems and needs
• Conceptualizing how to solve these user problems
• Designing user interfaces for mobile devices, tablets, and desktop
• Collaborating closely with engineers to ship quality products
• Leveraging research and usage data to iterate on these products

You should have:
• A track record of launching successful projects
• Comfort with, and curiosity about, working outside of a traditional narrow design role
• Experience designing rich internet applications, with an emphasis on flows and interactions
• The ability to explore and test a breadth of approaches with a pen or prototype
• A body of work that shows us the process behind the result and a user-centered approach
• Strong verbal and written communication skills

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What We're Building

At AngelList, we fundamentally believe in startups.

We’re building the definitive platform for startups — where they raise money (, build teams ( &, and launch their products (

The work culture for engineers is phenomenal. No fixed hours. Remote work OK (seriously, I spent 4 weeks in Berlin and London last summer). Basically, all of the barriers to productivity have been stripped away.
AngelList is an amazing place to work! Amazing product with very real scale and a very real mission -- plus the most talented team I've ever worked with!
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