Hiring in San Francisco ... · 11-50 Employees · $24M Last Round in 2013 ·
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AngelList is a platform for startups to meet investors, talent and incubators.

Accredited investors can invest in syndicates alongside some of the best angel investors in the world. In 2014, we've invested more than $100m in over 240 startups.

- Meet lead investors: https://angel.co/syndicates

- Find great startups to invest in: https://angel.co/invest

In 2014, we made over 200,000 introductions between job-seekers and companies. Over 10,000 companies are actively hiring from a pool of over 200,000 active candidates.

- Find a job: https://angel.co/jobs

- Post a job: https://angel.co/recruiting

Our mission is to serve startups, by eliminating the frictions along their way, in the most meaningful way possible.

- Apply to incubators: https://angel.co/incubators/apply

- We also have an API: https://angel.co/api

Venture Capital
Why Us?

We are a small team making a big impact. We have been involved with multiple startups and want to create a community where we can set founders and investors up for success. We’re looking for like-minded full-stack engineers and designers to join our team.

To learn about how we work, read up on our blog here:

A few other words we live by:

• Ask forgiveness, not permission
• You break it, you bought it
• S/he who codes, rules
• Low inventory
• Be real
• Sweat the details and corner cases
• You must code
• Do what you think is right (and be right)


San Francisco
Full Time
$120K – $150K
0.2% – 0.2%
New York City
Full Time
$120K – $150K
0.2% – 0.2%
New York City
Full Time
$120K – $150K
0.2% – 0.2%
Full Time
$100K – $150K
0.1% – 0.2%
San Francisco
Full Time
$80K – $100K
No Equity
San Francisco
Full Time
$120K – $150K
0.2% – 0.2%

Ask Us Anything

What is unique about working at AngelList?
There is almost no management - all teams and engineers self manage and prioritize features, roadmaps, and product decisions. There is a huge amount of freedom and responsibility at the individual level. The whole team is surprisingly small, and in turn, most employees have a pretty varied set of tasks and responsibilities. Also check out http://venturehacks.com/articles/reading - a somewhat older, but still very relevant article about how AngelList works.
Philipp Moehring


Babak Nivi
Founder @AngelList @Venture Hacks · Worked at @Bessemer Venture Partners @Songbird @Grockit · Studied at @Massachusetts Institute of Technology · Published in Science · 2 Patents
Kenneth Ballenegger
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Angel · Now: @AngelList · Past: First Hire, Architect & Head of Mobile Eng @Chartboost · Co-founder, CTO @FreshPay · @Tapulous @Disney
Graham Jenkin
Designer/COO @AngelList
Jonathan D. Kibera
Founded Shopping Express @Google • Founded @Mercantila (sold to @Google) • Labored @Epinions • Rowed @Harvard University
Scott J. Kleper
Founder @Context Optional (acquired by Adobe), early employee at several startups, @Stanford University BSCS/MSCS. Mayfield Fellow. Author. Guest Lecturer.
Kai Gradert
Designer @AngelList · UX/Design @Adobe Lightroom mobile · Previously @Google · Founder @Cheers
Kevin Laws
COO, @AngelList. Founder/Chairman, @Vast. Advisor, @Dulance (acq by @Google). Investor: LiveCapital (sold to D&B), @Krillion (sold to Local.com), @Powergetics
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