Andy Kieffer

Founder/CEO, @Agave Lab. Ex-SF startup exec. Now running an incubator from Mexico - focused on mobile and social. Turn out 3-5 new products per year.

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What I Do

We've worked with dozens of entrepreneurs both here in Mexico and in the US. Our goal is to help you focus your idea down to something that can be tested quickly and cheaply - usually within a couple of weeks and a couple of pesos. If it works, we do more. If not, we try something else.


Founded and funded companies that have become profitable in < 3 months. Launched over a dozen new products. Managed to keep a life/work balance.

What I'm Looking For

Looking for early companies willing to focus on near-term, hyper-practical, real-world opportunities in Mexico and LATAM. You bring the problem and the passion - together we'll experiment until we find the solution. Must be open to radical, data-driven pivots.