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Head of Growth & User Acquisition at AND CO

New York City · Full Time

We're building the infrastructure for the future workforce.

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Job Description

Hey there!

Great to see you here.

We are looking for a smart, experienced person to become our Head of Growth. This title sounds like it's packed with responsibilities? Well, because it is.

Your job will be to grow AND CO.
Sounds simple? Well, let's hope you make it seem like it is ;)

You will:
• Make AND CO famous
• Manage the promotion of our activities and product launches. From PR to content to paid media
• Manage a small but growing team of channel managers (AdWords/Facebook)
• Scale organic growth through SEO, content and partnerships
• Oversee the scaling of our paid acquisition channels (Search, Facebook, Taboola & Co)

• Be responsible for all cross platform analytics. In product and outside of it.
• Manage the company's marketing budget
• Grow the team, as the company grows

You are a hyper analytical, growth mastermind (obviously). You can grow digital products through smart hacks and deep partnerships, not just big budgets.

When you get asked how to promote a new product, paid media is your last answer, not your first.

You love to dive deep into spreadsheets to analyze and understand data and turn it into actionable insights that shrink costs and raise user numbers.

People love working with you. Not just because you are wicket smart, but because your aggressive drive to succeed is only triumphed by your ridiculous people skills.

You are thoughtful, organized, collaborative, and you believe in AND CO's mission:

Also, you enjoy a culture that is driven by logic, structure and weird humor:

• 6+ years work experience
• Experience promoting SaaS products towards small businesses (and freelancers)
• You worked in a tech startup, not (just) a big corporation
• Bonus: You have worked as a freelancer in the past and therefore understand their struggles

• Help shape the future of work
• Competitive salary
• Generous stock options
• 100% coverage for medical, dental, and vision insurance
• MetroCard covered
• Working with two Germans, a Sweed, Spanish guy, Koreans, Argentinians, a couple Americans and more.

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What We're Building

We are building the operating system for the independent workforce.
40% of the workforce will be independent by 2020. This changing workforce needs a new support structure to keep them focused on the work they love, connect better with each other and seamlessly manage their work relationships.

AND CO is an intelligent and proactive app to keep freelancers focused on their work, not admin tasks.

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Leif Abraham
Co-Founder, AND CO and Partner, Prehype. NYC. German.
Martin Strutz
Creative, Designer, Co-Founder of AND CO

Our Investors

Henrik Werdelin
I like building small companies into big ones. Also the managing partner @Prehype as well the co-founder of @Bark & Co (BarkBox, BarkPost, BarkShop)
Ricky Van Veen
Co-Founder: CollegeHumor, Vimeo, BustedTees, some other stuff too. Currently at IAC. New York City.
Scott Belsky
Seed Investor, Venture Partner @Benchmark Capital , Founder/CEO @Behance (now @Adobe Systems ) ; Author of Making Ideas Happen; Aspiring for a positive slope.
Josh Abramson
Co-founder,,,,, and
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