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FactoryOS to optimize manufacturing operations

Amper is creating a Factory OS that uses Internet-connected sensors and data-science to improve manufacturing operations. We're a fast-growing start-up with venture capital and are seeking ambitious individuals to join our team to help define the modern factory and supply chain. Read More
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What We're Building

Amper helps factory managers improve their operations by providing real-time data on critical manufacturing metrics, which helps reduce lead times and waste.

This is enabled by Amper's Machine Monitoring System, which automatically translates electrical signatures of machines into machine metrics, like downtime and cycle-time. The system is a non-invasive, retrofit solution, and is agnostic to machine type, which allows all kinds of machines on a factory floor to be monitored.

The underlying technology is a combination of machine-learning for interpreting electrical signatures, and a sophisticated IoT system that is consumerized and easily captures the granular electrical signatures.

This product is the first step in building Amper's FactoryOS and leads to a system that reduces waste and inefficiencies - both in factories and at the supply-chain level.

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Jobs at Amper Technologies

Amper Technologies Team

Akshat Thirani
Co-founder @ Amper Technologies
Sachin Lal
Co-founder Amper Technologies
Philip House
CTO @Amper Technologies ; previously software engineer @Sprout Social ; Northwestern CS
Joseph Mazrimas
Now: polyglot web developer. Then: FinTech, managing teams, delivering customizations for multi-billion dollar funds. Always: DIY, pushing to improve

Amper Technologies Investors

Christopher Muenchhoff
Angel Investor, technical and financial background, focus on digital business models.
Christian Dahlen
Angel investor in enterprise  related software - self and with the Band of Angels.
Frederic Hanika
SVP, M&A and Corporate Ventures at Software AG. Advisor at The Hive, Palo Alto. Over a dozen angel investments
Sean Chou
CEO and Co-founder at @Catalytic. Helped start, build, sell @Fieldglass . SaaS pioneer. Occasional investor and advisor.
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