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Buying a home is one of life’s biggest financial and emotional decisions. We’re here to make it less stressful, more predictable, and more organized. We’ve built Folio: the first AI powered operating system for real estate transactions. Folio automatically organizes key transaction details and data to take the stress out of the process for both real estate agents and their clients. Read More
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Job Description

We’re looking for a scrappy, quantitative, detail-oriented marketer to join our team reporting directly to the co-founder / CMO. You’ll be creating and managing search, social, and email campaigns to CPA goals and optimizing our funnel into a marketing machine.

If you’re good at these things, this could be a great role for you:

- SEM optimization
- SEO optimization
- Automated email marketing / drip marketing
- Social media advertising / marketing
- Content marketing
- Programmatic display advertising

Applicable college / graduate degrees valued, but not required for this role. Minimum 3 years experience with the above activities required.

What We Offer / Benefits and Perks:

- Autonomy and responsibility, control and ownership over what you produce
- Health, dental, and vision insurance with fully paid premium for you and your dependents
- Flexible Spending Accounts
- Reimbursement for the cost of a gym and One Medical membership
- Flexible paid time off / vacation - we encourage everyone to take at least three weeks off each year
- Paid maternity leave
- 401(k) plan administered by Vanguard
- Matching charitable contributions

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What We're Building

Amitree Folio transforms the chaos of business email into an AI-powered deal organizer, project manager, and virtual assistant. We make email not suck, for the first time. We’re on a mission to transform the way people work, allowing them to focus on the human parts of their job while letting the machine take care of all the tedious administrative work they otherwise do manually.

Over 65,000 real estate agents, loan officers, and other professionals are already on our platform and they’re using Folio to manage over 40% of all the residential real estate transactions in the United States.

User research workshops involve the entire company
Making decisions, effort vs. value
Sketch session
Working in the office
Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

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Amitree Team

Jonathan Aizen
Founder and CEO at @Amitree; Previously founder and COO at @Dapper (acquired by @Yahoo)
Marc McCole
Building useful little things
Nicole Yee
Software Engineer @Amitree
Itai Rabinowitz
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What are some of the toughest engineering problems Amitree is facing now?
Amitree helps real estate agents and their clients work better together by organizing all the back-and-forth during a home buying transaction. Most of this interaction happens via email, and our product, Folio, takes on the task of organizing millions of these interactions in the agent's inbox into workflow that saves people time and stress. To do this, we have to make sense out of the unstructured, haphazard, and chaotic environment of an agent's inbox. Our product has to structure dozens of valuable pieces of data - and get better at it over time. Our background in building products that leverage machine learning gives us a solid foundation to build the world's first AI assistant for real estate transactions, but much of that work is still ahead of us. For anyone excited about taking the largest unstructured database of real estate information and turning it into a structured, real-time view of every real estate transaction happening in the country, there's a lot of work to do here and we can't wait to have you on board.
Paul Knegten
Board Member at Amitree
What makes Amitree a unique place to work?
A lot of companies call their work environment 'collaborative.' It's a Silicon Valley cliché. At Amitree, we do pair programming almost exclusively. We all participate in user research interview sessions, working together to draw conclusions about what to build. There isn't anyone on the team that doesn't have a hand in shaping what our product is and how it manifests itself for our users. You might say there's nowhere to hide at Amitree. We understand this might not be for everyone. But for those who like to have an active role in shaping the future of our business, for those who prefer to share more in the successes and setbacks we face, and for those who want their work to have the highest possible daily impact on the world, this is the place for you.
Jonathan Aizen
Board Member at Amitree
Why did you join Amitree?
I joined Amitree because of their commitment to design thinking and I have not been disappointed. The environment here is very friendly, collaborative and open minded. We work through interesting and challenging problems together and are encouraged to try new approaches in our collaborative workshops, research techniques, design and code. All of this translates into a product that is loved by its users and continues to grow at an amazing rate.
Lisa Kovacevich
Product Designer at Amitree
I joined Amitree because they cared about building something their users loved. It's something that many companies advocate, but don't necessarily practice. We spend a good amount of our time talking to agents and buyers, looking at data to understand how they're using the product, and constantly iterating to make things better for them. It's a simple path that has seen our retention grow consistently from the start. Building a product from the ground up is hard, but the focus I've witnessed here is both rare and refreshing. It still floors me to see the usage we get (and the adjectives that accompany it).
Marc McCole
Director of Product at Amitree since 2016

Amitree Investors

Ash Patel
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