Amir Nathoo

Founder, @WebMynd Corp • Worked at @IBM • Investor @Exec

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Confirmed Investment · Invests $10K per deal
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What I Do

Co-founder, CEO at YC and Cambridge alumni (MEng). Founded companies in UK and US. With James Brady, developed apps installed > 1M times, raised $1.8M investment


YC alumni, founded companies in UK and US, developed software installed over 1M times, raised over $1.8M in angel investment, secured first customers, signed deals with Forbes, MySpace.

I have a 1st class Masters in Engineering from St. John's College, University of Cambridge. I worked at IBM in software development, consulting and leadership positions, filing 4 patent applications and coming #2 in class at IBM Sales School.

What I'm Looking For

I want to work with smart, driven, technical people who want to do something more than build a social network for pets and have a shot at doing it.