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Wearable Games. Teaching Kids Life Lesson. Keeping Them Safe

Small startup developing a completely new area for smartwatches & services.
This is not a fitness thing nor a cellphone on your wrist type of product.
We are very flexible and can work around your time.

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What We're Building

The AmbyGear Smartwatch helps grow valuable life skills in children (5 - 11). AmbyGear uses the combination of sensors, predictive analytics, and behavioral science to teach kids time management, independence, and organizational skills through games and rewards.

The AmbyGear SmartWatch provides parents peace of mind and connectivity to their kids through locator and messaging functionality.

Research has shown that better self-discipline skills such as organizational and time management are key ingredients for achieving greater academic performance.

Parents can:
1) Create challenges and tasks for their kids
2) Reward their kids for accomplishments
3) Locate and communicate with their kids anytime & anywhere

Kids can:
1) Help the Pokemon or Tamagotchi-like pets that live in the watch grow and be happy
2) Catch other pets and collect them
3) Communicate with family from a menu of messages
4) Check the weather and other kids news
5) Organize their time
6) Go on treasure hunts

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AmbyGear Team

Roger Karam
Inventor, Risk Manager with hands on experience in delivering high volume products
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