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There were 372 mass shootings in the US in 2015, killing 475 people and wounding 1,870. The police on average are only called 5 minutes after the shooting starts, leading to substantial loss of life. First responders are typically on the scene 3 minutes later.

The Ambrbox detector utilises a patented gunshot detection algorithms to respond immediately following a firearm discharge. Utilising combined audio and infrared detection algorithm, the detector is able to determine the firearm signature instantly with a near-zero false alarm rate. Upon activation, the detector alerts the first responders through our reporting network, and can link to a access control system to initiate lockdown. It can also sound an alarm signal throughout the detector network if desired as part of a response plan.

As a result lives are saved through an instant warning, customisable notification system and building lockdown, reducing police response times by up to 63%.

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James Popper
Founder @AmberBox . Passionate about Life Safety. @University of Cambridge Alumnus.
Tomas Cerskus
Studied Information and Computer Science at Cambridge and MIT. Likes to build autonomous drones.
Pavlos Papamichalis
I have a broad experience in embedded systems from prototyping level to production. Playing a lead role to delivering robust embedded products.
Haris Papadopoulos
TUDelft MSc in Embedded Systems, work experience with NXP Semiconductors and Nokia networks
Jingjie Guan
Passionate about creating and designing usable and delightful experiences over many fields.
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Our Investors

Evan Cheng
Director of Engineering @Facebook, previously @Apple. Knows a thing or two about developer tools. Active investor in tools, infrastructure, enterprise SW.
Zhe Qian

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