Ms. Amanda Besemer

Film Producer. Serial Entrepreneur with exits. Angel investor. Connector.

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What I Do

Film Producer. Founder of Two by Two. Serial entreprenuer with exits. NBT Equity Group co-founded w/ Fox News personality. Sold Intelemetrics to BrightHouse. Branding. Digital. Social. Organic. Traction. Conversions.


5th grade: Selling 75 Cabbage Patch kids that I did not have at a 200% mark-up to teachers and parents. I was convinced by a 1st grader that her dad, who allegedly worked for Cabbage Patch, would get for me if I bought them 3 dolls +3 red lollipops per doll

College: Selling a software we had not yet created (Idea Engine: Quirky for corporations - to Newell-Rubbermaid. Broadcasted launch on TV w/ Gen. Alexander Haig!

Lead The New World of Coca-Cola project

College siesta: Sold my start-up for $2.5M in 120 days

48 days after a mini-retirement: Won a major advertising contract with a Fortune 500 from the 12 year incumbent with a team I recruited on the fly to do so

09: Deciding to become a travel writer on the drive up to Yountville resulting in lots of comps and being published: Fodors/Palo Alto Daily News

10: Co-founded NBT EQUITIES GROUP w/ a Fox Business News host

11: Part of team that raised $143M

12. Founder Two By Two Interactive

13. Producer - 1492 Pictures, Ocean Blue

Joey Reiman
Joey Reiman
Paul Woolmington
Investor, Board Member, Advisor and Communications Entrepreneur, and Cofounder of Naked Communications Americas.
Tim Chang
Tim Chang
Managing Director - Mayfield. Forbes Midas List 2010, 2011 (Top 100 VCs). @stanford-university MBA, Univ of Michigan MSEE/BSEE. Bassist in BlackMahal and CoverFlow