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What We're Building

Amalgam, built on the Ethereum blockchain, is fundamentally safer than almost all of its contemporaries. Amalgam’s protocol calls for an additional tier of encryption using what is known as a zero-knowledge proof. A zero-knowledge proof allows smart contracts within the blockchain to verify transactional history without knowing or revealing any of the underlying data belonging to parties included in said transactions. Additionally, Amalgam’s value is safeguarded in its correspondence to a price-weighted index of over 300 of the world’s most frequently traded cryptocurrencies available on the market. This allows Amalgam to be valued by its demand as an asset, its transactional frequency, and the overall health of the cryptocurrency market, further mitigating the risk of dilution or extreme depreciation.

Jobs at Amalgam: The Blockchain Company

Amalgam: The Blockchain Company Team

Jeremy Jordan-Jones
Founder + CEO at Amalgam: The Blockchain Company. Experienced Business Analyst. Accredited Small Biz Consultant. 7+ years of Biz Dev expertise.
Andrew Thomas Lloyd
Managing Partner of the Capital Business Co-Founder | CSO at Amalgam: The Blockchain Company
Michael Catudal
COO at Amalgam: The Blockchain Company, Managing Partner at Capital Business Collective, Treasurer at John P Mayhugh Foundation
Alisa Sia
Assistant to the CEO at Amalgam

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