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AI for dynamical systems

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What We're Building

Alpha-i: AI for dynamical systems.

Most applications of artificial intelligence are confined to a small class of static, well-defined problems. Traditional methods fail to describe noisy and dynamical problems.

Alpha-i combines cutting edge research in Bayesian methods, machine learning and cloud supercomputing to bring AI to a large class of dynamical systems.

We started with the ultimate dynamical system: the financial markets. In this context, Alpha-i provides cutting edge data-science intelligence for a unique insight.

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alpha-i Team

Giacomo Mariotti
Co-founder of @alpha-i • Former Senior Quant at @RWE npower • MSc Quant Finance • MSc Particle Physics
Sreekumar Thaithara Balan
Co-founder and CTO at Alpha-I. Post-Doc at University College London Department of Physics and Astronomy. PhD in Physics at University of Cambridge, MSc at UCL.
Christopher Bonnett
PhD in Observational Cosmology, applied ML and DL techniques in Astronomy and E-Commerce.