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Transformins Alumni Relations Ecosystem for Educational Institutes

AlmaShines is a fast growing Ahmedabad based online educational networking service, founded by 3 IIT Kanpur Alumni. We are working towards transforming the education ecosystem by bringing in a Digital revolution and creating smooth and convenient channels for interaction. Currently we are focusing on creating a channel for institutes to connect with their alumni, by offering them an online platform that helps the institute to reach out to the alumni, engage them, seek their participation and hence create a lot of value for the institutes and its students.

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What We're Building

Currently, all over the world institutes are spending millions to maintain their Alumni Relations. All of the institutes use a huge man power to connect to their Alumni which costs them alot. In India, the situation is very bad. In India, barely handful institutions might be connected to more than 10% of their Alumni. No expertise is available for managing Alumni Relations, all over the world.
In AlmaShines, we offer Alumni Management Solutions for the institutions which converts this tedious job of Alumni Relations into a fruitful task. Alumni relations bring a lot of resources and intellect to the institutions, but institutions do not have proper channels to present their needs to Alumni, nor to manage their Alumni. We are first of its kind company in the world, that aims at building up powerful Tools that encourage interaction between institution, student and alumni. With our tools we are able to reduce the alumni management costs and enhance the efficiency

A 15 Member team of passionate people, working towards redefining the education ecosystem, by adding a booster to it, called 'Alumni'. The efforts of the team are evident by 50,000+ Users, 70+ Colleges, 4 Markets in just a span of 15 months of operations
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Jobs at AlmaShines

AlmaShines Team

Kapil Dev Advani
Founder AlmaShines Solutions Pvt. Ltd. • Studied at IIT Kanpur. Sales & Marketing
Palash Agarwal
Founder AlmaShines
Manohar Sharma
Founder & Director, AlmaShines, - An IIT Kanpur Alumnus
Aakanksha Agarwal
UI/UX Developer
Akshin Mayatra
DAIICT student, Full stack Developer
Samarth Pancholi
Business Development Manager at AlmaShines

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