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The Industry 4.0 Plug&Play. Connecting any industrial system, line, machine, component and sensor to any application, on cloud and on premise, in seconds. Leverage Industry data when, where and any way you like. Top customers, top partners, top innovation, hellish growth. Come on board.

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Job Description

Alleantia ( is an internationally recognized leader in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for its plug and play solutions, used by well-known industrial groups but also smaller companies for their Industry 4.0 digital transformation. Alleantia is a strategic partner of Intel, Advantech, Dell and Microsoft. Through the XPANGO integration technology, 5000+ drivers and drivers’ editor tools, we connect any industrial device to any application and IT platform in seconds. Our Partners ecosystem exceeds 50 integrators, ISVs, OEM companies that are spreading our solution for many innovative Industry 4.0 projects. Users are exclusively B2B, operating in manufacturing (metal, plastic, glass), energy (production, distribution), oil & gas (upstream and downstream), transportation, however the applications are vaste and the possibility of growth is huge.

Given the very strong growth in progress, we are looking for one top notch Java / J2EE Software Engineer / Developer for our development team and participate the national and international expansion, and product and platform evolution. Target are highly motivated, dedicated, professionally impeccable candidates, who compete with enthusiasm to attain the challenging goals ahead of us. Candidates must demonstrate first-rate technical capabilities and technical leadership, independence, strong discipline, accuracy and attention to the quality of the software and solutions implemented. The possibilities for growth in skills, responsibilities, roles and remuneration are very ample, while obviously requiring a great operational flexibility and adaptation to the very dynamic context in which Alleantia operates.

Skills required:
• Fluent in Italian (written spoken read) – min. C1
• MSc. in computer science / Software engineering, electronic engineering / telecommunications;
• Excellent knowledge of Java/J2EE for high performance backend (at least 6 years of documented working experience);
• Excellent Knowledge of JMS/Hibernate/Maven/Spring, JPA, JTA, EclipseLink, REST API;
• Excellent Knowledge of Tomcat, Jetty WS, Glassfish development environments;
• Good experience on cloud development es. AWS EC2, Microsoft Azure, Softlayer;
• Microservice architectures (Docker) experience very much appreciated.
• Fluent in english (written spoken read) – min. B2 Cambridge
• Other business-relevant languages a plus;

Work place: Pisa, Italy. Requested physical presence (no virtual team).

Full time permanent contract aligned with national MM (definitive framing based on proven experience and capabilities), excellent fixed remuneration with variable quota aligned to company targets. Stock options package based on the achieved results.

To apply, please send detailed CVs in doc or pdf format with the reference code 'JSE 201805', with the explicit permission to process the personal data “pursuant to Law 675/96 and subsequent modifications”. Please include detailed grades, exams, certifications.

The offer is in compliance with the equal treatment standards in employment and working conditions (L.903 / 77, L.125 / 91, Legislative Decree 215/03 and 216/03).

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What We're Building

Factories, machines, buildings, already use billions of legacy devices, capable to provide useful information and interactions. But "less than 1% of devices are connected today" (Cisco, Dec 2014) and "less than 1% of available data (from physical devices) is used" (McKinsey, May 2015).

Alleantia ISC is the most scalable solution available on the market for implementing the Industrial Internet. Our software connects, in an easy and intuitive way, any machine, production system, equipment, from any brand and manufacturer, with on-premise or on-cloud, web and mobile applications, to implement in a timely manner Industry 4.0, Machine Learning, Predictive Maintenance and Smart Grid solutions at a very affordable cost.

Implementation and deployment effort for Industrial IoT solutions are drastically reduced, more than 70%, and projects can focus on applications and processes rather than integration.

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Alleantia Team

Antonio Conati Barbaro
Co-founder & COO of Alleantia. Mentor and Advisor of outstanding italian startups. Many years developing new international businesses. Accenture Alumnus.

Alleantia Investors

Antonio Conati Barbaro
Co-founder & COO of Alleantia. Mentor and Advisor of outstanding italian startups. Many years developing new international businesses. Accenture Alumnus.
Alberto Giusti
Founder of 4 internet companies (sold). Business angel and advisor in several european digital companies.