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A modeling and quoting platform for self insured health plans. (AngelPad#8)

Allay is an venture backed technology company that is transforming how healthcare is financed and delivered.

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What We're Building

Allay enables benefits consultants to easily model, customize, and quote self insured health plans. This allows employers and their employees to integrate higher quality and lower cost health care providers right into their health plans. The financial savings achieved by these custom health plans go right back into the pockets of employers and their employees.

Jobs at Allay

Allay Team

Julien Emery
co-founder & CEO @Allay  first enterprise sales / biz dev @Hootsuite,  co-founder Stasis Health
Andrew Draper
Maker of things * Co-founder & Head of Product, * Former Hootsuite Labs *  Co-founded Manpacks
Robin Ahn
Community, PR, events and ops for startups is what i do. @McGill University University alum;
Kevin Foster
MSc Computer Science, University of Calgary, 20 years in software development.
Chris Noble
I am a computer scientist and an extreme sport athlete. A typical combination.

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Allay Investors

Chad Nitschke
CEO & Co-Founder, Insure.VC CEO & Co-Founder, Bunker Driving innovation in established industries that are in need of change.
Thomas Korte
Now: Founder of @AngelPad, Before: @Google Product Manager. Investor in 150 companies -
Dario Meli
co-founder @Quietly @Hootsuite @Invoke @Brightkit. I'm sparkly, very sparkly.
Geoff Entress
Venture Partner with Voyager, focusing broadly on information technology investments in the Pacific Northwest.
Parker Thompson
Partner @AngelList. Partner @500 Startups. Code+BD @Pivotal Labs. Code @Placesite. Hoarding data @Internet Archive. Digital copyright stuff @UC Berkeley iSchool.
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