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Bots for teams to do more meaningful work

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What We're Building

Advances in deep learning are enabling a whole new category of tasks to be automated! Alien Labs is building bots that automate routine or repetitive work, allowing teams to spend more time on work that requires creativity and emotional intelligence.

We’re two repeat entrepreneurs (previous startup, Summify, was acquired by Twitter) with award-winning computer science skills (TopCoder, IOI, ACM, etc.) & software industry experience (built global products at Twitter).

We are looking to gather a small team that can solve some of the hardest problems in NLP & AI. Sounds like you? Contact us! We’re well funded by top-tier investors and we’d love to hear from you. We don't care about the source of your education, we care about your abilities!

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Mircea Pașoi
Co-founder @Alien Labs (we're hiring!), @Summify (acquired by @Twitter in 2012) • It's pronounced Meer-cha • Quietly Persistent
Cristian Strat
Co-founder @Alien Labs (we're hiring!), @Summify (acquired by @Twitter in 2012), @Infoarena (non-profit)
Liana Dumitru
Co-founder and Product Designer

Our Investors

Ramesh Haridas
Serial entrepreneur. Started and sold 3 companies. Early investor in AVG, @Mashery, @8tracks, @Refinery29, @Rapportive, 500Startups. UIUC Computer Science.
Christian Oestlien
Product at YouTube. Previously Twitter, Google, Yahoo & more.
Othman Laraki
Co-founder at Color Genomics. Investor in Pinterest, AngelList, Slack, Instacart, Mesosphere & others. Co-founded MixerLabs, early PM at Google.
Jonathan Abrams
Founder & CEO of @Nuzzel, co-founder of @Founders Den, previously founder of @Friendster, @Socializr, and @HotLinks, software engineer at Netscape and Nortel.
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