Software Engineer (Production & Deployment) at Algorithmia

Seattle, San Francisco, Vancouver, Remote · Full Time
Algorithmia is DevOps for AI. We’re a common API for algorithms, functions, and models that run as scalable microservices. Read More
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Job Description

Software Engineer (Production & Deployment)
Seattle, Vancouver, NYC, or Remote

* Empower large enterprise to run AI/ML at scale, leveraging the best in modern distributed systems and automation technology
* Join a truly remote-friendly company - work anywhere in the US or Canada including your sofa, the beach, or our Seattle waterfront office
* Experience rapid growth in the first AI startup to be funded by Google

Algorithmia automates, optimizes, and accelerates every step of the journey to deploying of AI/ML at scale. We allow anyone to run models on massively parallel infrastructure in minutes instead of months. In our cloud or your datacenter - all completely managed for maximum performance at minimum cost. Already trusted by over 60k developers and major enterprise customers, Algorithmia makes scalable Machine Learning fast, simple, and cost-effective for everyone.

Undergoing enormous customer growth, we’re rapidly scaling our Customer Operations team to meet demand. We’re looking for talented Software Engineers to join a passionate, distributed group that's driving the design, deployment, and optimization of Algorithmia with our Enterprise customers. This unique role is a broad mix of automation, DevOps, infrastructure engineering, and software development - offering an unparalleled opportunity to learn, grow, and impact the most important financial institutions, intelligence agencies, and private companies in the country.

As a Software Engineer on the Customer Operations team at Algorithmia, you will:

* Deploy Algorithmia Enterprise into Fortune 500 and Government environments
* Design, build, and maintain the automation and infrastructure needed to deliver Algorithmia effectively, and to help us achieve even greater scale
* Work cross-team to ensure Algoritmia supports unique customer environments, and to design solutions to meet specific customer needs
* Eventually automate your role out of existence - then join us in doing something even more amazing
* Handle the highest-tier of engineering support for AI/ML leaders
* Have a real career plan, with mentorship and fast-track opportunities to promotion, technical leadership, people management, or wherever your interests may be
* Work from anywhere in the USA or Canada. We have teams in Seattle, NYC, Vancouver BC, Nova Scotia - or go 100% remote from home (Snuggie, bunny slippers, and all - no judgement!)

And we might make the perfect match if you:

* Want to work with modern cloud technologies and large scale distributed systems
* Have experience multiple languages (Java, Scala, Go, Python, Bash, etc.), deployment tools (Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, etc.), and cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenStack, etc.)
* Are passionate about automation, and believe nothing should ever be done manually twice
* Enjoy working with customers to deliver solutions that meet business need, empower engineers (and data scientists!), and solve real-world problems
* Feel most comfortable in hybrid roles that blur the line between Developer, Site Reliability Engineer, Deployment Engineer, Solutions Architect, and Consultant
* Bonus points for a love of data science, any kind of AI/ML experience, interesting public code, or the implementation of something cool on our AI marketplace (hint: free trial!)

As a Software Engineer at Algorithmia you’ll join a passionate team that’s changing the way everyone uses AI and ML. You’ll solve real problems, make an impact, and work in a flexible environment that encourages you to follow your own interests as well. You’ll be welcomed into an intelligent, quirky, and diverse group and gain access to fantastic perks beyond just salary, equity, and insurance benefits - all from the comfort of your own sofa (or our dog-friendly office).

If this sounds like you APPLY NOW, or learn more at

Algorithmia is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity at our core. We will never discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status and encourage everyone to apply.

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What We're Building

Algorithmia gives developers the ability to turn algorithms into scalable web services with a single click. Application developers can then integrate the algorithm into their own applications with under 10 lines of code. Algorithmia hosts the web services, makes them discoverable and enables algorithm developers to get paid for usage.

We have a unique opportunity to bridge a huge knowledge gap in the world. As the amount of data we store increases , the proper algorithms to analyze it become all that more important.
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