What We're Building

Algolia's hosted search API supplies the building blocks for creating great search to connect your users with what matters most to them. Our hosted search API powers billions of queries for thousands of websites & mobile applications every month, delivering relevant results in an as-you-type search experience in under 50ms anywhere in the world. Algolia's full-stack solution takes the pain out of building search; we maintain the infrastructure & the engine, and we provide extensive documentations to our dozens of up-to-date API clients and SDKs with all the latest search features, so you can focus on delighting your users.

Founded in 2012, Algolia provides a hosted search API that allows any developer to build a search engine for their app or website, delivering highly relevant results at lightning-fast speed. Algolia has over 3,000 customers in 100 countries, with offices in San Francisco, Paris, New York City & Atlanta. To learn more about Algolia visit www.algolia.com.

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Jobs at Algolia

Algolia Team

Nicolas Dessaigne
Co-founder & CEO @Algolia
Julien Lemoine
Co-Founder & CTO @Algolia • Worked at @MASA Group, @Exalead (Dassault System).
Gabriel Dillon
Founder, YC W15. Very, very customer oriented.
Dustin Coates
Creator, Pico • Big believer in power of self-progress. • Worked at @General Assembly, @uShip.com
Kevin Granger
UX Devsigner @Algolia Search API [YC14] ~ own a clairvoyance PhD, eat scale for breakfast, fly 240 FPV, attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion
Sylvain Friquet
@Algolia • CTO @Bloomizon • Previously at @Facebook • Studied at @Epitech
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Algolia Investors

Anand Swaminathan
(1) Director, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company; (2) Angel investor in and adviser to early/growth stage companies.
Erik Witte
Managing Director with Accenture; individual Angel Investor
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