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District P2TP startup group amin. at Alex Reid Research

Los Angeles, Uk, Australia, Remote · Cofounder

Ar Research developer of VAISCOP open ai networking. If you have the basic skills, we have the cool opportunity 4 you. Show the world your dreams. Start your own district group and become a Local Hero. More.. https...

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Own your own local P2TP group/site.
If this will becomes huge,
you will part of something

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What We're Building

P2TP Group Startup network Fee-Less Pledge 2 The Planet (P2TP Groups Startup)

Rob Pyne MP Rob Pyne: Putting Cairns First! July 9, 2010, Rob worked with Alexander in different groups Alexander has done a great job in social networking and proven he is a creative and capable site creator. He is very friendly. He is blessed with an outstanding personality, a quality, which allows him to work effectively with people from varied and diverse backgrounds. Alexander has created many great sites and networks. His achievements prove his ability as a creator and net-worker and his contribution to our community.
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Alex Reid Research
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