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Job Description

This is a highly senior role for product lead with stellar mobile product track record, ideally who has built popular product from the ground up and gained more than 10M users.
Need more than 5 year related industry experience. Junior applicants not accepted.

Strong track record on building one or more successful mobile consumer app products (native apps on iOS/Android), with 10M+ active users.
Strong experience with web applications.
Rich experience in determining product/market fit, discovering and identifying customer segment, defining product requirements.
Strong execution capability, team work with engineering team and designers, and launch the products.
Rich experience in mobile product marketing and user acquisition strategies.
Passionate with startups and eager to make a big difference. Highly resourceful and agile. Learn new things and adapt quickly.
Highly creative, and can think out of the box
Experience with voice and speech products a big plus.
Experience with enterprise SaaS applications a big plus.
Example apps and companies: Dropbox, Slack, Evernote.

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What We're Building

We believe the best technologies fit naturally into a user’s daily workflow, and are highly contextual and perfectly personalized for each user’s life. Using our Ambient Voice Intelligence™ technology, developed through our unique approach to speech recognition and deep learning, we are able to understand human-to-human conversations and provide new innovative services. With our extensive history in mobile AI technologies, we are creating the next generation of intelligent and contextually-aware mobile tools to enhance professional productivity.

We are proud to be supported by some of Silicon Valley’s top venture capitalists who were early investors in Tesla, SpaceX, Slack, and Twitter. Additionally, we are backed by legendary angel investor David Cheriton, who provided the initial capital to Larry Page and Sergey Brin to start Google.

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Our Investors

Sam Lessin
Intern, The Information, Partner @Slow Ventures fmr VP of Product at @Facebook. Founder of Investing, Skiing, Kitesurfing.