Jobs at Airtory

Programmatic Rich Media Mobile Ad Platform

What We're Building

Airtory as a platform enables advertisers to build and deploy interactive engaging ad experience within a short turn around time, without any coding or engineering overhead.

We take out all the technicalities involved in deploying an interactive ad campaign, by simplifying the interactions using customizable templates,automating the delivery, and baking in the analytics and reporting.

Airtory is a rich media ad builder service designed to cater to this changing perspective of mobile ads. Rich media delivers a stronger engagement rate over standard banners or traditional ads (31% higher)

With over 50+ templates, ads can range through a variety of interactive experiences.

Our service actually engages the user in the ad in order to create an experience which imprints your brand and your product into the user’s mind. With templates that include quizzes, trivia, games and video content, Airtory manages to capture the user’s attention towards your specific product.

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

Jobs at Airtory

Airtory Team

Ashwin Krishnan
Founder @Airtory. Adtech. VR. AR. Maker movement. Prototyping Expert. Previously: Jutera Labs ,, Ref, Look Mobility,
Julian Frachtman
Co-Founder - Airtory
Suneesh Rajan Prasanna
Language agnostic. Experienced in Javascript., Angular., 3JS., NodeJS., MongoDb., Lua., Android., Corona., Selenium., Browser Add-ons, PHP, Selenium, Linux
Uttara Garg
I am Uttara Garg, an alumnus of National Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore, Fashion and Lifestyle Accessory.
Sonal Agrawal
Worked at Neo@Ogilvy

Airtory Investors

Roj Niyogi
COO/Co-founder @exSEED; ex-CEO Corona Labs (acqd by @Appodeal); Founder (TSX:PER, acqd by RhythmOne) and MdotM. Early employee

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