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Airo Health

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AI powered wearable to reduce stress and track health.

Do work that impacts lives directly. Come join us at Airo Health. We are a fast growing Y Combinator-funded company looking for its next team member. You are adept in fundamentals concepts of your field, whether it be technical or non-technical. You’ve hacked together several projects in your free time, just for fun. Read More
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Airo Health Team

Naman Kumar
Founder @Airo Health, Y Combinator backed, uWaterloo with strong background in software and product design.
Maryam Jahed
Founder at Airo Health

Airo Health Investors

Boris Jabes
Founder @Meldium • YC alum • Worked on Visual Studio at @Microsoft • Studied at @Carnegie Mellon University, @University of Waterloo
Jesse Rasch
Founder (acquired by AT&T), InQuent (acquired by private equity >, VerticalScope (acquired > Torstar).
Marc Morin
Founded PixStream (Sold to Cisco), Founded Sandvine (Public), Founded Emforium (Closed), Founded Auvik Networks

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