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What We're Building

AirDates, the only in-flight dating app changes into BuckleUp !

BuckleUp, is more than just in-flight dating ! With BuckleUp, date En-Route (Plane or Train), or date on-the-go (Subway, Anywhere around you) !

Where other apps don't work, we're there to show you who's available in your area, giving you a chance to connect with others even if you're up in the air or down in the subway. Using Bluetooth or Direct Wifi, BuckleUp doesn't need an internet signal to match you with those around you so it's the most reliable travel companion to keep you dating on the go.

We unite travellers and commuters, and give them a chance to date, chat, share a cab or more with their potential special someone at their destination.

BuckleUp; From travel matches to meetups ! BuckleUp; Technology to unite with No Taboos !

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Primoz Planko
UX designer at Airdates, former: UI designer at Habitual, print/graphic designer

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