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CTO | Mobile Developer | Augmented Reality at Aircut

London · Cofounder

We are on the hunt for exceptional people who like challenges, who wish to disrupt and build impactful products, who enjoy startup life.

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Job Description

We are looking for an outstanding Mobile Developer eager to join Aircut and build its very first product from the ground up. It's an exciting opportunity to be part of a startup since its earliest stage, while being able to experiment with cutting-edge AR products.

You should be extremely knowledgeable of iOS development (especially post-iPhone X devices) and able to develop AR products of the highest quality. Knowledge of 3D modelling, Computer Vision and Machine Learning is also highly desirable.

– As a CTO, you will directly impact the success of the company. You will be in charge of leading and executing the development of all Aircut products, particularly focusing on our mobile app.

– As a Lead Developer, you will be in charge of developing Aircut's MVP and mobile app. You will bear less responsibilities than the CTO and therefore will have a lower (yet still generous) equity offer.

In return, you will receive a growing equity stake in the company, and take part of the emotional rollercoaster typical of early-stage startups.

Note: Aircut is developing a completely new family of products, it is almost certain that each one of them will need to be refined many times along the way. For this reason, you will not only have to be highly knowledgeable, but also able to quickly adapt, experiment and have a constant critical approach on how to develop each product in the best possible way.


Short-Term Task

You will be in charge of developing a MVP to demonstrate the main concept to investors and test with early adopters.

Long-Term Task

You will be in charge of leading and supervising the tech teams and making tech-related choices that will directly influence the success of the company.



- Experience with iOS Development;
- Experience with Augmented Reality technology, especially in latest iOS devices;
- Able to lead teams and supervise development;
- The desire to develop an innovative AR product from scratch.

Ideally, also:

- Knowledge / Experience with Unity 3D;
- Experience on developing web-based solutions;
- Experience with Android Development;
- Knowledge of Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning.

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What We're Building

Aircut is building a mobile app to let you try any hairstyle using AR technology. It also aim to provide a wide range of services to both customers and businesses in the hairdressing industry.

Aircut is the new hairdressing experience.

(Aircut is part of YCombinator SUS 2018)

Aircut Team

Jacopo Ranalli
Engineer & Entrepreneur, based in London and Milan. Founder of @Aircut.
Raffaele Bianchi
Management consultant based in Milan with an MSc in Nanotechnology and Materials Science. Aircut founder