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Join us in investing in the next generation of 21st-century companies.

Airbnb brought together some of the most talented and ambitious people from around the globe, who built and scaled a very special company. Many of us were lucky enough to be early Airbnb employees, who worked through years of hyper-growth across every discipline. Now, in the spirit of being a host, we want to support ambitious new entrepreneurs as they embrace their new adventure.

Companies we invest in get access to not just capital but also our wide breadth of experience and network. Our members are early Airbnb employees turned investors, entrepreneurs, and operators spread across the world. We have extensive backgrounds in engineering, product, growth, operations, brand, data science, marketplaces, international expansion, and policy.

This expert network will supercharge the startups we back. We are global, ambitious, and ready to help.


Our entrepreneurial community of alumni will both source investment opportunities and support our portfolio companies.

Daniel Rumennik
Venture capital investor
Lenny Rachitsky
Writing, Investing, Advising Previously: Growth PM @ Airbnb, Co-Founder/CEO of @localmind, R&D @ Webmetrics, and software engineer
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Marc McCabe
Business Development
Present: Fundraising Consultant (Series A/B/C) @sequoia-capital Scout Investor Past: Fmr Head of Business Travel @airbnb Former Partner at @sv-angel
Varsha Rao
Head of Global Operations, Airbnb; SVP International @livingsocial; Founder @eve-com
Jonathan Mildenhall
VP Global Creative Coke My mission: to further the utility of creativity for people, families, communities and business. Creativity is Progress.
Fatima Husain
Product Manager
VC @comcast-ventures ; Lead Catalyst Fund at Comcast Ventures; Product Lead, Growth & Traffic @airbnb; Consultant @bain-company; forever a learner and tinkerer
Dan Hill
Co-founder & CEO of @givewithalma. Former Director of Product @airbnb. Growth, Performance Marketing, Search, Booking. Co-founder & CTO at @crashpadder
Ann Montgomery
VP of Product at Mahana - previously product leader @intercom, @airbnb and Founder/CEO
James Beshara
Angel Investor (Halo Top, Gusto, Thirdlove, Bolt, Mercury, RigUp, 40+), Founder (YC; Tilt, acquired by Airbnb), Creator (Below The Line Podcast, Beyond Coffee)
Jiaona Zhang
VP Product @webflow. Previously @airbnb, @wework-3 , @dropbox , @pocket-gems . Lecturer @stanford. Angel investor and advisor.
Even-keeled. Finger on the pulse. Understated ferocity.
René Pinnell
For Lenny Rachitsky's investment at Kaleidoscope
Working with Lenny is a true pleasure. He has amazing product sense.
Brett Hellman
For Lenny Rachitsky's investment at Matter
You want Lenny in your corner. He's truly helpful, sharp, and supportive.
Lenny is a really talented product thinker. He has a wealth of valuable experience from this time at Airbnb and has done an incredible job of distilling his thinking into actionable advice in his writing.
Lenny is a smart, hard-working, earnest person. It was great working with him when he was co-founder @ Localmind. Since then he went on to do amazing things at Airbnb. I'd support Lenny any day of the week, on pretty much anything he wanted to do.
Lenny is great person, leader, and friend. I know Lenny from when he founded Localmind, which was acquired by Airbnb. Since then he has become a go-to product leader and angel investor.