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Deep Learning Engineer - Computer Vision at AIMLedge

Singapore, Singapore, Remote · Contract

We are a team of engineers with research background and deep industry experience in deep learning, computer vision, and embedded systems. We are building deep learning software to make cameras, phones and other IoT devices smart without being connected to the internet.
We are incubated at Entrepreneur First, Europe’s best accelerator backed by Reid Hoffman, Greylock Partners, Mosaic Ventures, Founders Fund, Lakestar and some of the world's best entrepreneurs. We are backed by SGInnovate.

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Job Description

Job description
As a deep learning engineer, you will be developing computer vision algorithms for mobile devices using latest deep learning technology. That means you will be making small, mobile devices smarter. You will be purely focused on developing and training deep learning algorithms for image recognition and analysis using popular deep learning frameworks. You will be closely coordinating with our software development and deployment team.
We should have working experience with developing computer vision applications using deep learning. You should be hands-on in training deep convolutional networks using TensorFlow or Caffe or any popular deep learning frameworks.

About us
We are enabling anyone to create and deploy machine learning and deep learning applications on small devices such as IoT devices, mobile phones. We are creating deep learning applications that can be deployed on small devices. Our focus is on making IoT solutions scalable by reducing the bandwidth, connectivity, and data privacy related issues when the raw data is transmitted to the cloud / remote server.

Develop deep learning based computer vision algorithms for image recognition and analysis applications.
Develop object detection and tracking using deep learning.
Develop and train neural network architectures that are suitable for mobile devices.
Closely coordinate with software development and deployment team.
Understand research in the deep learning space and translate that into product features.
Good fundamentals in probability, statistics, calculus, machine learning, image processing and computer vision.
Industry experience with developing machine learning, deep learning applications for computer vision tasks.
Experience with training Convolutional neural networks for tasks such as image classification, object detection.
Strong hands-on working experience with deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe.
Proficient in Python programming. C, C++ programming knowledge is a bonus.
Development in Linux environment is a must.
Familiarity with embedded systems, Google cloud / AWS is preferred.
Familiarity with Git
Ability to work independently
Motivated, creative, energetic team player.

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What We're Building

We are building a platform that helps anyone to create, optimize and deploy deep learning based computer vision applications on edge devices such as CCTV cameras, phones.

The platform helps people with no deep learning expertise to create custom applications as per their requirements. Using our platform, customers can create smart hardware products that do not require internet connectivity. Moreover, customers can optimize hardware cost and performance to meet their business goals!

With our platform, we are bringing cutting-edge deep learning to IoT devices and democratizing the same.

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