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We grow food where you live.

We shake certitudes to get the best fruits and vegetables. Let's revolutionize Agriculture together and make cities eat better ! Read More

What We're Building

We are transforming containers so that we can grow food where you live.

In a world where 80% of human begins are living in cities, we can't afford to import from distant lands. So we decided to grow food in cities.

We have created our own farming as a real paradise for fruits and vegetables, made to grow plants in perfect conditions: temperature, air, light, hydratation. We even filter and clean the air.

Created from a recycled container, our "Cooltainer" produces 120 times more than conventional agriculture. All of this without pesticides, without pollution, and using 90% less water.

We first chose to focus on strawberries. There is a huge gap between the ones you buy in the countryside and the ones you find in the city. We shouldn't have to add sugar or cream on it, and we shouldn't have to rinse it! So long story short, real strawberries, harvested and tasted the same day.

Soon, each one of us will be able to live the experience of getting the best food everyday.

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Open Positions


Jerome Velociter
General purpose hacker, 21st century farmer
Guillaume Rossi
Chief Operations Officer (COO) @Agricool - We grow food where you live -
Théo Pinguet-Poquet
MSc Agronomy & Biotechnologies for plant improvement Hydroponics R&D intern Career objective: Developing Biological Life Support Systems for Space Exploration
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Our Investors

Jean de La Rochebrochard
Partner @Kima Ventures - Former Partner @TheFamily Here is my Investment Thesis:
Cyril Grislain
Top-20 most active french BA - Lead 1st french syndicate Investor @Stripe @Devialet @TheFamily @Savemysmartphone & more - Former McKinsey Partner

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