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Front End React Developer for Dashboard Web App at Agnoris

Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Remote · Full Time
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Job Description

Agnoris is looking for a Front End developer to help build our main dashboard product. Our web app reinvents the way business data insight are generated and consumed. We’re looking for qualified and driven people, interested in leveraging the cutting edge tech stack to deliver the next generation machine-driven business intelligence to restaurants in the US. Join us to see how you can impact some of the largest industries in the world!

Implement integrations with various backends of restaurants and relevant external services via APIs
Expand API middleware between DBs and client web app
Improve our serverless infrastructure
Implement data processing and machine learning algorithms that power our intelligence engine

Income depending on qualification - $3000+/month
Work from anywhere with flexible hours - we’re a task-driven team
Cutting edge tech and data science

Comfortable with component driven development in React
Experience using Redux for state management

Application process:
Send a link to a Github gist or repo with an implementation of the test assignment (below) and your resume to or via other platform channel with the subject “FrontEnd position”, all in 1 message (please use the exact wording for the subject line if appropriate).

Test assignment (2h estimate):
Implement a simple web page in React that contains:
1. A line chart of temperature for each day for the last month
2. A toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius
3. You can select a static city and add it's name to the top of the page
4. The page should query the weather data when it loads. You should query an open API for the data (e.g.
5. Add a "loading state" to the UI that appears while the data loads.

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What We're Building

- Automated data collection from all restaurant software
- Automated BI - highlighting areas of interests in seconds
- Actionable insights - what and how can be done to improve the bottom line

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Agnoris Team

Alex Matsenov
Co-founder @Agnoris, Co-founder @VS Group • Worked at @Sberbank, @Coral Group • Studied at @MIPT, @ CFA Institute, MBA Carlson as a Muskie Fellow