Jobs at AfterShip

Winning customer loyalty with shipping & returns tracking APIs

Our mission is to help retailers win customer loyalty by bringing the best shopping experience to their customers, with a focus on automating the shipping, tracking and returns experience. Read More

What We're Building

AfterShip provides a scalable solution for merchants tracking to automate shipping, tracking and returns process.

Our products include:
- Shipping APIs
- Tracking APIs
- AfterShip web application
- AfterShip mobile application

AfterShip APIs empower developers to automate shipping and tracking process for businesses. AfterShip communicate externally and internally through RESTful APIs and process billions of requests per month.

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Jobs at AfterShip

AfterShip Team

Andrew Chan
Co-Founder at @AfterShip
Teddy Chan
CEO & Co-founders, @AfterShip
Janet Wu
Inquisitive and passionate about people, culture, scalability & continuous improvements. A foodie, rabbit whisperer and part-time nurse-foster of rescue dogs.

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AfterShip Investors

Business Switch
Australian company actively investing in online.

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