Jobs at AeroFS

File Sync and Share, for the Enterprise, deployed behind your firewall.

Yuri Sagalov
Founder AeroFS • Studied at @University of Toronto

AeroFS is a private-cloud file syncing and collaboration tool. Think of us as Dropbox, but completely behind your firewall. AeroFS never stored your file data on our own servers and instead syncs data directly between devices.

Palo Alto
11-50 employees
$4.5M Last Round in 2013
$1.2M in 2010
Enterprise Software, Storage, File Sharing, Synchronization

AeroFS Jobs

Demand Generation Manager
$110K – $130K Salary
0.05% – 0.5% Equity
Full Time · Palo Alto


Y Combinator
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Ash Patel
Ash Patel
Managing Director at @morado-venture-partners. Former EVP, CPO and early engineer at @Yahoo.
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Paul Buchheit
Paul Buchheit
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