Jobs at AeroFS

File Sync and Share, for the Enterprise, deployed behind your firewall.

Yuri Sagalov
Co-Founder and CEO of @AeroFS. Part time partner at @Y Combinator. @University of Toronto alumni 

AeroFS is a private-cloud file syncing and collaboration tool. Think of us as Dropbox, but completely behind your firewall. AeroFS never stored your file data on our own servers and instead syncs data directly between devices.

Why Us?

The AeroFS Story 
AeroFS was founded in a desire to build a new type of enterprise software company: One that balances the needs of IT administrators with the needs of employees for easy to use, user-friendly software.

We launched our first product, AeroFS, to solve the problem of collaboration on sensitive/important documents. Although public cloud solutions are popular these days, many companies cannot (for legal, compliance, or security reasons) use the "public cloud". 
Four years later, We have some of the worlds most impressive brands as our customers. Financial services companies. Innovative car manufactures. Professional Services companies. Telecoms. You name it.

But our story is just beginning. Our team is small -- today we're only about twenty people -- and we need your help.

Our Culture

Technology is what we do. Our team loves solving hard problems; we are comprised of people who have previously worked at companies such as Google, Apple, Salesforce, Sun Microsystems, ARM, and Sandvine. They are experts in security and in building scalable distributed systems. We use technology to help our users share data securely, efficiently and affordably.

Customers are the reason we do it. We believe in making customer feedback an integral part of the engineering process, from informing our development priorities to providing timely technical support. We also believe customers shouldn't need to choose between privacy and usability.

Agile is how we do it. Just as our customers' data management needs are ever-evolving, AeroFS constantly iterates to deliver the best performance and best user experience possible. We ship new software weekly, providing users with the latest features, improvements, and fixes. Agility allows us to adjust our roadmap without costly pivots.

Palo Alto
11-50 employees
$4.5M Last Round in 2013
$1.2M in 2010
Enterprise Software, Storage, File Sharing, Synchronization

AeroFS Jobs

$90K – $160K Salary
0.2% – 0.5% Equity
Full Time · Palo Alto
frontend developer
$90K – $150K Salary
0.2% – 0.5% Equity
Full Time · Palo Alto


erik mall
erik mall
Matt Pillar
Matt Pillar
John Gabaix
John Gabaix
Jon Pile
Jon Pile


Y Combinator
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Ash Patel
Ash Patel
Managing Director at @morado-venture-partners. Former EVP, CPO and early engineer at @Yahoo.
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Paul Buchheit
Paul Buchheit
Partner at YCombinator, Founder of @FriendFeed, Creator of GMail
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