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Adventure Capital is a unique mix of incubator and venture fund focused in potential emerging markets. Our team provides extensive operational, technical, and financial support to each of our portfolio companies. These next-generation companies are improving the lives of millions and generating jobs with more efficient markets through technology. 

Our US syndicate gives global investors access to the best-in-class startups founded by emerging market founders in their earliest stages.

Adventure capital aims to invest in the fast growing emerging market startup ecosystem. We discover promising companies and founders at very early stages through my network of founders and seed investors spread across the emerging markets.

You will get access to some of the best-in-class deals in these startup ecosystems as part of this syndicate. Our approach to harnessing the best out of these startups are quite different from the rest.


Pathao: Our initial seed investment of $50K is now valued at a staggering $6M ($3.5M realized) after 3 years. We put together the company, the founding team, and were able to successfully secure investment from notable players in the Asian startup ecosystem. Pathao is the first startup in Bangladesh that is valued at more than $100M and is venturing into other operations aside from ridesharing. 

Picap: Our $250K investment in Picap, the ride-sharing service in Columbia, is already valued at $15M in a span of 1.5 years. Adventure Capital was convinced of the opportunity and the talented team but the language barrier made it difficult for the founders to raise capital. We placed a CFO with excellent presentation skills and extensive financial expertise on the team. Through his efforts, Picap is completing a Series A investment at a valuation of $100MM.

Gokada: The Go-Jek of Africa recently raised $5.3M in its Series A led by Rise Capital at a valuation of $17 M. Our initial $1.1M investment is now valued at $5M in only 1.5 years. This company was put together by the Adventure Capital team and is currently managed by our founding partner.


  • First check in - We like to spot deals very early, securing substantial equity. Check size $100k - $500k.
  • Diamond in the Rough - We don’t look for a “perfect” team. These are hard to come by in emerging markets. The core talent in the founding team is the most important part as it relates to their business. We can round out the team with new talent to raise capital, complete financial models, etc.
  • Lean - The founders should have a lean mentality with an eye on profitability when required.
  • 5 Deals - We do a maximum of 5 DEALS a year. We focus on these companies and ensure they are successful. We believe there is a formula to building a successful company and do not leave it completely to chance.
  • Support - We provide extensive support to our portfolio companies from talent recruitment and back office operations, to legal aid, and design work, extending our reach to data analytics as well. As such, we've built a sizable support office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Focus - Mainly focused on transportation and its verticals. We believe sticking to the core expertise of the team is what differentiates us from the rest in these markets.
  • Building Teams - We often put together companies ourselves when we see opportunities. Adventure Capital’s operational knowledge in emerging markets is unparalleled.


I am a serial entrepreneur with more than 16 years of experience in the startup scene. I began my first online business in high school generating $1MM in revenue within the first three years. In 2009, I graduated from Bentley University with a degree in Computer Information Systems. Upon graduating, I launched an application that received in excess 15MM downloads, generating over $10MM in revenue since 2010. I then went ahead to launch a venture factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh (my parents’ home country) where Pathao, a logistics and ride-sharing company was formed. Pathao has since raised $30MM at a valuation of over $100MM. I later founded Gokada, a motorcycle ride-sharing company in Nigeria which has raised over $7MM to date. I believe my experience in founding and investing in emerging markets creates significant value to the investments. 

I would like to personally invite each and every one of you to be a part of our syndicate and support these incredible startups which are improving the lives of millions through their operations. I welcome everyone to have a look at the syndicate and back Adventure capital (possibly share if it peaks your interest). Let us embark on an emerging adventure.

Thank you and queries are highly welcomed!

Fahim Saleh,

Founding Partner of Adventure Capital


  • Early stage investing comes with 100% risk and you should invest only if you are comfortable in losing your entire investment. There is no way around that.
  • You can opt-out or opt-in on a deal by deal basis.
  • In deals with short deadlines or smaller allocations, the most active LPs get early access.
  • You can email any questions on our investments & I am happy to answer those. (

We will syndicate all open deals as long as there is allocation.

We have a robust channel of exciting deal flow. I have been building my network and building great reputation in these markets over the years. I personally review dozens of companies per month with my team.

We will be syndicating as many of the top deals we invest in as possible. Generally, syndicate deals and their information will only be available to those who are syndicate backers, so sign up today for access!

Fahim Saleh
Founder @kickback-apps • Investor @pathao • 1st internet company in high school.
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Fahim is a value-creating and value-enabling Angel. His strategic guidance is superb, particularly in emerging market contexts. I highly recommend his dedicated example.
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