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The leading technology services company for the outdoor advertising industry.

Josh Warrum
Co-Founder and COO/Chief Legal Officer at @ADstruc, Inc.

ADstruc is the leading technology services company for the outdoor advertising industry. We bring unprecedented ease and efficiency to Out-of-Home media planning and buying. Our comprehensive workflow software, Drive, automates OOH planning for agencies and advertisers. Project X, ADstruc’s managed services division, provides an innovative, audience focused approach to outdoor advertising, leveraging data for brands to build awareness and increase engagement with consumers. 

Why Us?

At ADstruc, we're disrupting the outdoor advertising industry (think billboards, subway ads, ads on buses etc.) - a $7B market in the US that operates almost completely offline, and with little technological intervention. We're creating software that enables outdoor media to be sold more efficiently and more intelligently (using relevant data). IPG, one of the biggest advertising holding companies in the world, recently invested $2M in ADstruc.

New York City
11-50 employees
$2M Last Round in 2014
$1.1M Seed in 2010
$18K Seed in 2010
Advertising, Outdoor Advertising
Last active
Last week

ADstruc Jobs

product manager
$110K – $130K Salary
0.1% – 0.75% Equity
Full Time · New York City


Madhav Krishna
Madhav Krishna
Software Engineer
Pete Anderson
Pete Anderson
Eric Justusson
Eric Justusson
Autodidactic Alliteration Advocate. Software Engineer @ADstruc.
Kenny Liau
Kenny Liau


Kal Vepuri
Kal Vepuri
Angel Investor via @trisiras Founder via @Brainchild & Co.
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David Tisch
David Tisch
Founder @BoxGroup • Founder @Spring • Worked at @Techstars • Studied at @Penn, @NYU • Angel Investor @BoxGroup
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An early stage investment fund based in NYC.
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RRE Ventures
Early-stage venture capital. We help build startups that transform industries.
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Howard Lindzon
Howard Lindzon
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