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AdStage connects marketers quickly and easily to their data across paid search, paid social, web analytics and custom business metrics to gain insight into their campaign performance and take action at scale. Supporting direct API integrations across Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, Yahoo Gemini, and Google Analytics.

The AdStage platform powers the analysis and campaign automation for some of the world’s most respected companies such as Moz, New Relic, Universal McCann, and King Content.

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Jobs at AdStage

AdStage Team

Sahil Jain
Co-founder & CEO of @AdStage. Past: Co-founder & CMO of YC & @SV Angel at 20, @Yahoo at 17, AOL Corp Devt at 19, UC @University of California Berkeley Philosophy & Econ.
Jason Wu
Co-founder & CTO of @AdStage. Previous: 3 years at @Cisco , @UC Berkeley EECS, and @Carnegie Mellon University Master's in ECE.
Blake Tan
Current Clojure/Ruby/Elixir Software Engineer at AdStage. Former Product lead @ Rakuna.
G Gordon Worley III
Head of Site Reliability Engineering at AdStage, programmer, architect, DBA, encouraging organizational development and personal development
JD Prater
2017 Top 25 PPC Experts. A growth marketing strategist that crafts strategies to drive engagement, acquisition, & retention across the customer lifecycle.
Tyler Britton
Co-creating the greatest sales team in SaaS @ AdStage in NYC 3rd sales hire at AdStage 8th sales hire at FareHarbor
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