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AdStage Jobs : Screenshot
AdStage Jobs : Screenshot
AdStage Jobs : Screenshot
AdStage Jobs : Screenshot
AdStage Jobs : Screenshot
Sahil Jain
Co-founder & CEO of @AdStage. Past: Co-founder & CMO of YC & @SV Angel at 20, @Yahoo at 17, AOL Corp Devt at 19, UC @Berkeley Philosophy & Econ.
Jason Wu
Co-founder & CTO of Previous: 3 years at Cisco, UC @Berkeley EECS (high honors), and @CMU Master's in ECE.

AdStage is a self-serve all-in-one online advertising platform, complete with an integrated app system, to help advertisers of all sizes manage their campaigns across multiple networks like Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

The AdStage platform provides full management and analytics across search, social and mobile ad networks and the integrated app system lets users expand the platform with apps that bring additional features, like Automated Rules, and integrate complementary services from partners like Optimizely, Unbounce and Crazy Egg.

The first app on the platform, AdStage Express, lets you build a campaign once from a single interface and deploy it across multiple networks (Google, Bing, Facebook & LinkedIn) simultaneously.

Learn more and sign up for AdStage at

Why Us?

We're a well funded SF based ad tech company.

We're not a sales organization and we're not an agency masquerading as a tech company. We are a technology and design company. We're building a one-stop-shop for paid marketing management. With a beautifully design self-serve solution, embedded education and an integrated app system to extend our platform's feature-set.

The AdStage platform brings together usability, smart design and intelligence technology to help businesses make sense of their ad data.

We just launched our new platform product where you can build, deploy and manage ad campaigns across Google, Facebook, Bing and LinkedIn from a single place:

New site with full feature walkthrough:

We're 12, 8 engineers and growing.

San Francisco
11-50 employees
$6.3M Series A in 2014
$1M in 2014
$100K Seed in 2013
$1.4M Seed in 2013
Digital Media, Advertising, Search Marketing, Advertising Platforms
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AdStage Jobs

$90K – $170K Salary
0.25% – 1.0% Equity
Full Time · San Francisco


David Haslem
David Haslem
Software Engineer at @AdStage, previously lead developer at @Reachably • Studied at @Georgia Tech
Eric Foster
Eric Foster
Coder. Designer. Hacker. Hard worker. Want to be part of a motivated, driven team, pitching in wherever I can to help the company be a success.
Michael McEuen
Michael McEuen


Stewart Alsop
Stewart Alsop
Partner at Alsop Louie Partners
Shoppable, Jetlore, Blueleaf, Bia, Gowalla, Next Big Sound, Ribbit, Dijit Media, NetWitness, ZeroCater, Copilot, AdStage, Knotch, Crowdcast, Twitch, AirPair, Ecovent, Kindly Care
Roham Gharegozlou
Roham Gharegozlou
Playmaker @Axiom Zen (we're hiring!). Investor/advisor to awesome startups, ex-VC, relentless optimist. Developers: check out @ZenHub and @Routific
ecomom, Craft Coffee, Tout, Blink, Intercom, BeCouply, urbantag, ChirpMe, Twenty20, Fuel, KYCK, ZOZI, Lucibel, AdStage, Lookmark
Freestyle Capital
Seed stage investor and mentor for Internet software startups.
BackType, Impermium, Yobongo, StyleTrek, Chute, PicCollage, GoInstant, Intercom, Recurly, 9GAG, Ridejoy,, CoTweet, CrowdFlower, Formspring, SimpleGeo, Typekit, Cardpool, Get Satisfaction, Indextank, Rixty, SnappyTV, Byliner, SuperSecret, Mr Number, Mongolab, Threefold Photos / Webshots, Anybeat, Clarity, Enflick, UXPin, Chartbeat, Singly, AdStage, BuildingConnected,, Guardly, Hangtime, Seesaw Decisions, Piqora, NewCo, clypd, HeartThis, Stitch, Cluster, Joyride, Bold, Opsmatic, Last, Patreon, Camoji, ApplePie Capital, Narvar,, ObjectLabs, Nestio, LaunchKit, Wag
Double M Partners
ChowNow, MomentFeed, The IdeaLists, Lettuce, EV Connect, The Trade Desk, SHIFT, WhoWhatWear, Seismic Games, Mover, AdStage, Retention Science, Pathmatics (Formerly Adomic), Prevoty, Weaved, Kaleo Software, Emailage, HONK, Pledgeling, Sense360, Yoi, Fixx Digital
XG Ventures
BackType, Adku, JustSpotted, Rockbot, Doppelgames, Chartboost, PicCollage, Tapulous, A Bit Lucky, Telly, TapSense, Apiary, Keen IO, Kloudless, Rapt Media, Small Demons, Aardvark, Appjet, Chai Labs, Facebook, Facecake Marketing, MyLikes, Plusmo, Posterous, Scoopler, Tsumobi, MightyMeeting, ContextLogic, Crocodoc, Nowmov, Schoolfeed, Starmaker Interactive, Townhog, Mobsmith, Euclid, Plusmo, Verious, Science Exchange, Glympse, Thanx, GraffitiWorld, nWay, PredictionIO, Nowbox, Pogoseat, AdStage, Dealflicks, OLSET, Kamcord, NoRedink, eShares, Piqora, Zesty,, Shift, Luvocracy, Tynker, Hotelzilla, Blend, Hotel Hoje, Apptimize, ThirdLove, Zuli, Shyp, AirHelp, Avanoo, CodeFights, Wizeline, Altitude Co., LivBlends, Case, Chobolabs, tinyRx
Mark Mullen
Mark Mullen
Founder @Double M Partners @Mull Capital • Worked at @RBC Capital Markets, @City of LA • Studied at @UMich, @Thunderbird @Univ of Denver
ChowNow, MomentFeed, The IdeaLists, PostCard On The Run,, Lettuce, EV Connect, The Trade Desk, SHIFT, World Weekly News, Freestyle Capital, EdgeCast Networks, MessageLabs, Connectivity, K2 Media Labs, Upfront Ventures, Edgecast, Bitium, Seismic Games, Scopley, Mover, Crosscut Ventures, AdStage, Gradient X, Retention Science, Tradesy, Rothenberg Ventures, Pathmatics (Formerly Adomic), Quietly, FocusMotion, Maven Ventures, Prevoty, Weaved, kaleo software, Local ID, KohFounders, Reaction Commerce, TallyGo

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